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By Stan Karpuk1, Linas Mockus1, Alina Alexeenko1

1. Purdue University

Predict product temperature during primary drying phase for freeze-drying/lyophilization in vials

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Archive Version 1.31
Published on 07 Oct 2015
Latest version: 2.0. All versions

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Predicts product temperature at the sublimation interface based on pseudo steady-state heat and mass transfer model

* Fill volume Solids concentration

* Shelf heat transfer coefficient

* Cross sectional area of the product in the vial

* Vial area calculated based on outside diameter

* Dry layer mass transfer resistance parameters: Rphat=R0+A1*l/(1+A2*l), where l is thiskness of dry layer at any time

* Shelf temperature

* Chamber pressure


OUTPUT: Temperature versus time; Drying rate vs time

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