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Legit Modafinil Vendor List / All Vendors List 2021. Review of Modafinil Vendors from the /r/modasuppliereviews subredit

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I have experienced buy modafinil online. Just thought of sharing some insights to fellow mates.

The Modafinil market is booming. With any booming market comes multiple vendors and options. Then comes that daunting question, Who do you pick?

Well it's simple really and it all comes down to is personal preference of what meets your needs. Are you looking for the absolute fastest delivery time for generic modafinil from order to your doorstep but don't mind spending 2x or sometimes 3x the price of other vendors?

I've done the research and typically it's 2x other vendors pricing per order but the upside to that higher price means you are more likely to receive the package within 7 days, Some take up to 12 days as the vendor has no control of postal service


Are you looking for a trusted name vendor with lowest price generic Modafinil, To buy in bulk or low quantities, Offering Guaranteed Quality product, Offering free shipping, Reship guarantee, Excellent Customer support, And receiving package from order to door in about 2-3 weeks? (Keeping in mind Covid can effect these as they do not use FedEx or DHL like the others mentioned above) Good news is it looks like shipping times are starting to speed up again.

I've done the research and it seems shipping times have ranged to about 30 day, Those going over 40 days in shipping are automatically getting a free reship or refund and will likely end up receiving both original orders in the end

Here I will list below ALL known vendors, Then Bellow that list we will separate into a category of fastest shipping vendors along with Normal 2-3 week well known and trusted vendors. We will categorize these by

(More info to come soon, Will be updating daily, Contribute to the list with proof of trusted vendor as we are supporting safe buying options will make small remarks by each vendor until the fully categorized list below is finished)

-Highstreetpharma Ranked #1 (Overall). Coupon ALEK10 - 10% Off

-ModafinilXL Coupon XCEL - 25$ Off




-Dino Supplies Out of business


-Pulsar Meds Fastest Shipping (Avg 4-5 day) - Out of business


Working at compiling the categorised lists below which will include all information about them and rankings based on popular opinion from other review sites, Will slowly update or post as I don't want any wrong information.

Please drop in your suggestions as well

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