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What Is Testolone - RAD-140 SARM?

Testolone is a drug that belongs to the class of drugs known as selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). RAD-140 never passed clinical trials, and hence it hasn't been approved by the US FDA yet. Although it's not recommended to use, many athletes and bodybuilders swear by saying it's better than many steroids and helps in improving muscle mass. So they buy Testolone SARM for its incredible and fast results! 

How does Testolone work?

RAD-140 does not have androgenic properties, but they are similar to testosterone and other steroids. Most bodybuilders use this drug to increase protein production in their bodies, which in turn increases muscle mass. Protein is an essential thing in building muscles during work out in the gym. During a workout, micro-tears occur in your muscles, and gradually the tears are repaired, and muscles are built.

During the consumption of Testolone SARM, your body will build more muscles. In addition to that, you will experience a decreased recovery period so that you can increase your workout faster. RAD-140 and other SARMs are considered a safer alternative to testosterone replacement therapy, which is through androgen. In the future, RAD-140 can be used to treat osteoporosis, wasting syndrome, and delayed puberty. 

Medical uses of RAD-140

Let's dive deep into how Testolone can be used to treat patients and how does it affect their system to improve their condition : 

Alzheimer's & brain disease

The Androgens play an important role in protecting the brain. The studies show that they can increase brain cell growth, improve memory power and decrease amyloid-beta accumulation. The amyloid-beta plaques are the main cause of Alzheimer's disease.

Bone & Muscle health

When tested on rats, studies showed that Testolone SARM helps improve both muscle and bone health of a system. What is present in Testolone that helps increase the bone density of bones? RAD-140 contains Testosterone mimicking hormones, also called the Bone-protecting sex hormone, which prevents Osteoporosis in older people and avoids any bone-related disease. It also helps gain lean muscle mass without gaining fat, thus helps in severe weight loss patients cases.

Breast cancer & Wasting syndrome

In a study, RAD-140 stopped the growth of AR/ER+ breast cancer by blocking the estrogen levels. Testolone is administered to cancer patients who are going through severe weight loss, especially muscle wasting, and those with wasting syndrome.

Bodybuilding usage of Testolone SARM

Bodybuilders widely use Testolone because it's easier to gain muscles and much easier to maintain than steroids. The advantages of taking RAD-140 includes: Improves strength & joint mobility Faster muscle recovery Prevent bone & muscle injuries Lose fat & gain muscles The dosage for bulking and cutting cycles varies; you can take RAD-140 after your workout in the morning and take it regularly at the same time to maintain the blood plasma level. If you're looking for ways to increase your muscle mass with quick recovery, then you must definitely buy Testolone SARM.


Liquid Testolone - RAD-140 can be bought online. If you have been looking for the best drug to improve your muscle mass and gain muscles quickly, then what are you waiting for? Go Buy Testolone SARM, and you will be amazed to see phenomenal results. The usage of Testolone has shown proven results among bodybuilders, yet there are potential side effects. Kindly consult a doctor before taking this unapproved drug on a long-term basis.












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