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Improving the indoor air quality - Test, monitor & measures

Why is an air quality check necessary for your house? We live amidst a COVID-19 pandemic, where most of us are holed up in our houses without a choice. In the outside world, where greenhouse gases like Co2, methane, and nitrogen dioxide are high in the atmosphere, added to it, there are minute particulate matters, microorganisms, and toxin gases hovering in the air along with the ground-level ozone. So when you check the air quality in your house, it will be moderately low due to the above conditions. 

Air quality plays a vital role in our lives because the air that goes into our lungs gets purified, takes in the oxygen, and expels out Co2 and other gases. When the concentration of Co2 is high in the air, then our lungs are doing extra work all the time. If you have kids, babies, pregnant women, or older adults in your home, the process of breathing in the polluted air makes them more vulnerable and susceptible to any virus or bacteria, weakening their immunity and increasing any health problems. Hence, having a regular air quality check is essential for a healthier lifestyle, which is made easy by Indoor Air Quality Consultants Pennsylvania.

What affects indoor air quality?

You will never guess which equipment is the living place of bacteria, mold, fungi, and other particulate matter that affects the air quality indoors inside your house!

  • Air conditioning ducts - The air conditioner that you use throughout the year, the pollens which gets carried over by the wind, allergens, dust particles, and other bacteria get settled down in the air duct of your air conditioner, so when you switch on your AC, all the particles that got settled in the duct travels all the way and get distributed inside your room. This happens as a never-ending cycle until you clean the air ducts and your air quality gets better over with one service.
  • Pets and allergens - If you have pets in your home, the probability of your pets shedding their hair and flakes of their skin(Dander) is high. On top of this, some microorganisms stick to the animal's furs which get circulated in the air or get stuck into the HVAC air filter system, and you end up breathing the air filled with allergens and dander.
  • Carpets and mold formation - The Carpets and rugs act as the hotspot for pollen, dust, and other allergy particles. Although the carpet acts as a filter in trapping these particles efficiently, in the long run, if left untreated, they can cause serious problems. Similarly, identifying mold growth in your house could be a painstaking job. Mold usually grows in humid places; the mold spores circulating in the air can cause severe health problems.

What happens during air quality checks?

To improve the cleanliness and the air quality of your home, you should hire the best professional air quality services who would test the quality of the air and determine the places which need to be cleaned out to improve the air quality and healthy life.

Indoor Air Quality Associates Pennsylvania come with equipment to determine the air quality; it is a sensor that transmits signals electronically to identify any core pollutants present in the air like Carbon monoxide, particulate matter, VOCs, Humidity, Radon, and Formaldehyde.

How is the quality of air improved?

Once after determining the quality of air indoors, it is not a one solution fit all cases here. A professional air quality associate, along with his team, determines the hotspot like air ducts, carpets, ventilation, or any mold formation and eradicates the problem effectively.

Do you want to test the air quality of your home?

We at Indoor Air Quality Associates Pennsylvania are experts in testing and improving the air quality of your place or building because we care for your well-being. We do whatever it takes to provide the best professional services we could to give a pollutant-free, fresh breath of air for a happier and healthier life.











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