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What Is Ostarine - MK-2866 SARM?

Ostarine MK-2866 is a drug that belongs to the class of drugs known as selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It is also known as Enobosarm. Ostarine never passed clinical trials, and hence it hasn't been approved by the US FDA yet. Although it's not recommended to use it, many athletes and bodybuilders swear by saying it's better than steroids and helps in improving performance! 

How does Ostarine work? 

The primary purpose of creating MK-2866 was to treat cancer patients, Dystrophy, Congestive heart disease (CHD), and those who have COPD and AIDS. The severe conditions with these patients are usually Weight loss and muscle waste called Wasting syndrome or Cachexia. Since Ostarine is known to improve muscle mass, it's prescribed for patients with severe Cachexia. 

Ostarine consists of Androgen stimulating receptors which enhance muscle growth, so one can achieve lean muscle mass without gaining fat; it is different from steroids in a way because it affects only muscle tissue, unlike steroids which affect Non-muscle tissues. Many bodybuilders have stated that, unlike steroids, ostarine doesn't suppress Testosterone production. Although, this statement is just a myth. There's no clinical evidence for this.

Medical use of Ostarine MK-2866

Let's dive deep into how Ostarine can be used to treat patients and how does it affect their system to improve their condition :

Heart health 

Administering 2-3mg of MK-2866 Ostarine to heart patients can help reduce their LDL cholesterol level in their bloodstream; a lower cholesterol level leads to lower risks of heart diseases. It is also used in some acute cases involving Wasting syndrome and CHD, where the patients lose their appetite and face tremendous weight loss. 

Bone & Muscle health

When tested on rats, studies showed that Ostarine helps improve both muscle and bone health of a system. What is present in Ostarine that helps increase the bone density of bones? MK-2866 contains Testosterone mimicking hormones, also called the Bone-protecting sex hormone, which prevents Osteoporosis in older people and avoids any bone-related disease. It also helps gain lean muscle mass without gaining fat, thus helps in severe weight loss patients cases.    

Insulin resistance

Ostarine improved the blood sugar level and insulin resistance in diabetic patients whose insulin sensitivity is low. It acted as a diabetic drug for these patients and also improved metabolic activities. 

Cancer patients

Enobosarm is administered to cancer patients who are going through severe weight loss, especially muscle wasting.

Bodybuilding usage of MK-2866

Bodybuilders widely use Ostarine because it's easier to gain muscles and much easier to maintain than steroids. The advantages of taking Ostarine includes :

  • Improves strength & joint mobility
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Prevent bone & muscle injuries
  • Lose fat & gain muscles

The dosage for bulking and cutting cycles varies; you can take Ostarine after your workout in the morning and take it regularly at the same time to maintain the blood plasma level. 


            Liquid MK-2866 can be bought online, or it's available in many pharmacies in the US. The usage of Ostarine has shown proven results among bodybuilders, yet there are potential side effects. Kindly consult a doctor before taking this unapproved drug on a long-term basis. 


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