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60+ Engaging History Research Paper Topics

For many people, history is merely a subject that contains a collection of names and stories of essay writer. Being a student everyone has wondered why on earth we have to study history and learn about something that happened decades ago? Well, the answer is pretty simple. History is inescapable it helps in connecting things through time while encouraging students to learn from the past.

Sounds interesting right? Believe me, history is indeed an engaging subject but what if you are assigned a task to write an essay writing service and you are not sure what to do? Well, writing a research paper is no doubt a difficult task and you have to do an extensive search to gather all the information, find appropriate sources to back up your claim and much more. I know this is overwhelming and you must be wondering if there is someone who can help me write my essay or research paper so that I can also attain good grades.

So how to write an effective research paper? Well, before you jump to conclusions just take a moment and think: will you read an article or even a book with a boring title? Of course not. So if you are wondering why some students spend their time and effort to write my essay for a topic to write a research paper then let me tell you the answer to this question. A great research topic is key to write an effective research paper.

If you are looking for topics and ideas on which you can essay help a research paper, then you have landed at the right place. Below are 60+ engaging topics from which you can choose.

  1. Compare and contrast Egyptian pyramids and Mesoamerican

  2. Construction of the Great Wall of China

  3. Origin of Roman Empire.

  4. Colonialism and slavery

  5. Origin of Greek theater

  6. Analysis of Gothic architecture.

  7. How Victorian beauty standards were depicted via art?

  8. Tracking the use of bio-weapons in war

  9. American-Mexican war: what have we learned?

  10. US involvement in Iran

  11. US involvement in Afghanistan

  12. Symbolism in Ancient Greek

  13. The great economic recession: causes and aftermath

  14. Social inequalities throughout history

  15. Gender roles throughout history

  16. Objectification of women in the ancient art

  17. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

  18. Civil War and its aftermath

  19. Civil war controversies and facts

  20. History before 1870: cause and effect.

  21. Use of weapons in war

  22. Crusades and religion

  23. Aftershocks of the cold war.

  24. Martin Luther King’ s ideology

  25. Causes of the Civil War

  26. Causes of economic depression

  27. Hiroshima and Nagasaki: what have we learned

  28. The United States and slavery

  29. The United Kingdom and slavery

  30. Slavery and human trafficking

  31. French revolution

  32. Russia and the United States: where we stand today

  33. Origin of dictatorship

  34. Origin of atomic bombs

  35. Role of photography in ancient history

  36. Role of photography in wars.

  37. Battle of seas

  38. Origin of Hinduism

  39. Origin of Islam

  40. Religion and prophets

  41. Origin of religions

  42. How to write college essay?

  43. Role of women in Prehistoric Britain

  44. Difference between crusades and Jihads

  45. Rise of independent African countries

  46. Colonialism in America

  47. Sexual revolution: consequences and causes

  48. Renaissance period trading routes

  49. Battle of hasting

  50. Post world war 1 changes in the economy

  51. Post world war 2 changes in the economy

  52. Prominent queens in Ancient Egypt

  53. Communism and its influence on the rest of the world

  54. Nudity in the ancient art

  55. Men in Medieval times

  56. Beauty standards in Medieval times

  57. Gender roles in Medieval times.

  58. Cleopatra and ancient beauty standards.

  59. Egyptian architecture

  60. Roman architecture

  61. Egyptian civilization

  62. Ancient Egypt facts and timeline

  63. Greek civilization facts and timeline

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