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Protective Custom Cigarette Boxes with an Amazing Look

Every box that we create is made with top-quality features to ensure that your cigarettes are kept safe. customizing exactly the cigarette box you want is extremely easy with OXO packaging. You need to specify the dimensions of your tailor-made box depending upon the number of cigarettes you want to pack in a single box. One single pack can easily lug 10 or 20 cigarettes. Once you’ve specified the size you require for your Custom Cigarette Boxes, then upload all the designs, images, or age restrictions to be printed on these boxes. You can opt for various add-ons such as moisture-resistant coatings and humidity preserving finishes being applied both on the inside and outside of the cigarette boxes. Instead of having to open the box and see wet, crumpled, damaged, or dried-out cigarettes, these protectively coated layers deliver a fresh tobacco experience to your customers and the perfect smoking pleasure to smokers. Tell us about the number of cigarette boxes you need and get them delivered right to your doorstep wherever you are in the USA safely.

Stand out of the crowd with Custom Cigarette Packaging

Many tobacco cigarettes, wraps, joints remain untouched on the retail shelves because of their old-fashioned packaging. That’s why OXO packaging offers you such packaging that maximizes the visual appeal of your cigarettes with Custom Cigarette Packaging. OXO Packaging knows very well about what will separate your smoking products from the rest of the others in the market. Therefore, our dedicated printing specialists make use of their innovation and experience, and state-of-the-art technology for printing your Custom Cigarette Packaging with complete proficiency. Printed with vibrant colors and catchy themes, these boxes set your cigarettes apart from other similar items and turn your cigarettes into a favorite item of smokers. Moreover, you can also get these boxes printed with government regulations and health precautions to give your customers complete information about your products, their healthy factors, and the side effects of unnecessary usage. Plus, the expiry date, batch number, and company slogan can also be printed these Custom Cigarette Packaging that not only gives them a professional look but also enhances your brand status in the eyes of smokers.

Attract the onlookers with the innovative Custom Cigarette Boxes

Are you worried about the quality of your boxes? Every batch of boxes we which is manufacture in our company go through strict quality control program to provide you boxes with zero errors. Moreover, our certified inspectors check every individual box to ensure that no printing errors are present in your Custom Cigarette Boxes, check if boxes have the correct opening and closing style, and verify the right thickness material, all to ensure your boxes have the finest quality. The launch date of your flavored cigarettes is around the corner? Take delivery of your Custom Cigarette Boxes wherever you are in the USA in the shortest turnaround time. By that we mean 4 to 8 business days for the shipment of your customized boxes and that’s what our fast turnaround scheme aims for.


Call us at (510) 500-9533 or email us at and get your error-free packaging at reasonable prices.

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