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Fastest Growing Industry

Marijuana is derived from cannabis. After the research, it has been come to know that the cannabis products are beneficial for human body and do not harm. That is why a lot of industries are using its extracts to make their product more demanding. a lot of states of USA has broadly legalizing marijuana in some form, and the industry is expected to continue to grow which eventually has increased the demand of its packaging and boxes.


We build custom cannabis boxes
cannabis is almost in all industries now. a large quantity of cannabis is used by parametrical industry. Cannabis is used for medical and recreational both purposes but for both purposes it requires durable and up to date packaging according to each product. if the packaging boxes are not stylish and attractive, costumers never get attracted towards your product.  outer appearance matters a lot to sell a product in market in contemporary era. By keeping all of these points in mind we generate custom cannabis boxes for all products. we have bundle of designs of custom cannabis boxes not only different in design but in shape as well. so, now you have no need to be worried about the size of cannabis box.

To prepare marijuana packaging boxes is not a child’s play

Yes, to warp a product for marketing purposes is not a small task for packaging industry. A lot of mind get together at one platform and then select a design for marijuana packaging boxes. Every product has its own packaging boxes and labeling needs. We use utmost care while imprint the rules and regulations on the packaging boxes of marijuana boxes. we ensure our dear clients that your packaging is not only gorgeous and justifiable, but also regulation compliant.

Wholesale marijuana packaging with high quality

Wholesale rate with high quality packaging both together? Impossible, yes, it is but not at OXO’s platform. We provide high quality cardboard and Kraft packaging boxes for wholesale marijuana packaging. both the materials are outstanding and mind blowing and allure the buyer’s attention towards the product because it has Eco-friendly retail and merchandise display packaging, Compostable flex-pouch bags100% recycled PCW folding carton boxes made with wind energy.  All-natural organic style rigid set-up boxes. we ensure you that you are not going to get such a lot features and discounts other than us.

Grab our designed packaging on wholesale rate with free shipping

It’s very easy to reach us you just have to send us email at or call on (510) 500 9533 to place your order. we are very easy in our dealings. There are no restrictions at our platform. Whatever the size of your order, we will love to build it. we do not even take any extra charges for the custom cannabis boxes not even take charges of the experts. It’s all free of cost.


Stay in touch with us for more offers and discounts.

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