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Ways Of Staying Awake Apart From Modalert

Modalert is one of the most used nootropic drugs for the treatment of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea. These sleep disorders cause daytime sleepiness in people and make them sluggish during the daytime. The pill promotes wakefulness in people and helps them to stay awake during the daytime and keeps away sleepiness feelings from people. The tablet has to be consumed only once a day in the morning and the effect of the drug stays for the entire day. Sleepiness and tiredness can be mistaken at times to be the same as both are responsible for the energy drain. However, we need to stay awake during the daytime as we have to engage in a lot of physical and
mental activities. 

Modalert pill is indeed useful but it must be used as a last resort when nothing else works for you. There are other ways also for keeping you
awake apart from this nootropic drug. Opting for those can be helpful for you and if they fail to show satisfactory results, you can always use this nootropic drug for wakefulness during the daytime.

Sufficient sleep

One of the best ways to drive away sleepiness issues is by sleeping properly and adequately at night. Lack of sleep is one of the significant reasons for sleepiness during the daytime. If you are not getting enough sleep at night the chances of feeling low on energy and drowsiness increases. Hence, you must have quality sleep of 8-9 hours at night without any interruptions. Your energy banks will be recharged and you will much more active and energetic during the daytime.

Take some breaks

Doing one activity constantly or focusing on one particular thing for a long time can be monotonous and can induce tiredness in you, leading to a sleepy feeling. Hence, it is suggested to take short and frequent breaks from the work you are doing. Taking breaks will help in breaking the monotony and also rejuvenate your body and mind. Hence, you will gain some energy back and you will able to concentrate on your work in a better way.

Consume caffeinated drinks 

Caffeinated drinks have been the traditional wake-up stimulant for people for generations and are still recommended by many. A cup or two of tea and coffee will help in giving the kick that you need for staying awake during the daytime. However, overconsumption of tea, coffee, or any other caffeinated drinks must be avoided as it can ruin your nighttime sleep. Some foods such as chocolate also contain caffeine, and so be a little careful when eating them excessively.

Get some fresh air and light

There no other better natural stimulants like fresh air and light. When you expose your body to fresh air and sunlight, it naturally stimulates your mind and body and promotes wakefulness. Besides, sunlight is essential to get vitamin D, and the fresh air outside fills some oxygen in your lungs which improves blood circulation, thus helping you to stay awake during the daytime.

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