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How to fix QuickBooks Payroll not Calculating Federal Withholding?

QuickBooks Payroll is one of the important parts of the organization; and if you are the one who is need of the best QuickBooks payroll option then it will definitely fit your needs. Many users do use QuickBooks Payroll and face the difficulties related to QuickBooks Payroll not Calculating Federal Withholding. The problems can be resolved by following the guidelines given in this post.

Reasons of QuickBooks Payroll not Calculating Federal Withholding

The possible causes for such a problem i.e. QuickBooks Payroll not Calculating Federal Withholding occurs due to the following reasons:
Employees aren't Meeting the taxable wage base 
You have to verify the gross pay and the tax status of the employees and the IRS Publication 15.
In the Employee Setup it's been set as Do Not Withhold from Federal and State Income Taxes.
See if the employee has requested for exemption from federal withholding with Form W-4.
 To check that, follow the steps

1) Head to QuickBooks Online Payroll
2) After that, Go to Employees and from the list select Workers
3) Select the name of the employee
4) Next to the Pay icon pick the pencil icon, that is edit
5) Yet again, you have to choose the edit button by simply clicking the pencil icon.
6) Check whether Don't Withhold status has been selected

Steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll not Calculating Federal Withholding 

In case you are getting the problem of QuickBooks Payroll not Calculating Federal Withholding, then you have to set up the payroll taxes properly, and move further by following the steps hereby given below:
1) Head to the menu bar on the left and click Taxes
2) A brand new window will open select Payroll Tax
3) A brand new screen with Payroll Taxes Setup and Compliance will appear.
4) It may have the employee details like Birth Date and Hiring Dare alongside W-4 info.
5) Check the important points of the W-4 because it provides you with the important points concerning the Federal Withholding.
6) Next section you've to enter the next:

1) Business name: The name of your organization that you enter for filing your tax.

2) Business address: If you add a checkmark next to the ‘identical to business address' then it'll automatically show the address that you've used while for establishing the payroll. If you may not check the box then you definitely need to enter the right address.

3) Date for running your first QuickBooks Online Payroll: You will undoubtedly be given the possibility of running the payroll before or after the existing month and year that you're in. These records are of utmost importance, because it will track the payroll tax payments.

4) Date of hiring your first employee: Select between Yeas and No regarding hiring of one's first employee within the past six months.

5) Enter the federal Tax Details: First enter your Federal tax id. Just in case you may not have it, then choose the No option.

By following all these steps, you might get your issue resolved of QuickBooks Payroll not Calculating Federal Withholding. If still prevailing the same, reach the representatives for help.

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