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How to E-File 1099 form in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop is intended to simplify the bookkeeping, accounting, invoicing, and a number of processes related to your transactions with vendors, clients, employees, banks, and even tax regulators. Though QuickBooks is one of the best accounting applications, it offers E-filling of 1099 form in QuickBooks desktop, great time-saving features for inventory management, invoicing, end-to-end order processing, reporting, analytics, and tax compliance. 

Steps of E-filling of 1099 form in QuickBooks desktop

The procedure of E-filling of 1099 form in QuickBooks desktop involves the following steps that are hereby mentioned below in this article.

1) Open the QuickBooks and navigate to Vendors.
2) Choose the option of 1099 Forms.
3) Hit on the option of Print/E-File 1099 Forms.
4) Tap on the Get started option 
5) Choose the 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC depending upon the type of your contractors.
6) Select the option of vendors who need 1099 
7) Tap on the Continue button.
8) Check whether the vendor information is appropriate. 
9) Tap on the option of update any section by double-tapping on it 
10) Edit the incorrect fields and once verified, choose the option of Continue.
11) Hit on the option of Apply payments to this 1099 box dropdown. 
12) Choose vendor accounts you want to map. 

If you encounter an error message- E-filling of 1099 form in QuickBooks desktop by prompting that your settings do not match the current IRS thresholds.

1) Tap on the option of show IRS 1099-MISC filing thresholds 
2) You have to choose the option– Reset to IRS Thresholds.
3) Verify your payment details for the exclusions and choose Continue.
4) Review all the transactions and vendors, you are going to report.
5) Choose the Continue button.
6) Now, you have to select whether to print or e-file 1099 forms. 

Alternative Ways for E-File 1099 with QB Desktop

Some Effective steps for E-filling of 1099 form in QuickBooks desktop, are given below:
1) To update the information, you have to click on the Edit button.
2) Choose the vendor name and if you want to e-file 1099 with your state, enter the whole information under some suitable state boxes.
3) Choose the vendors you need to e-file for by checking the box.
4) Hit on the Next button and choose the vendors by hitting on the box next to the Date column.
5) Now, you can choose under Email Recipient that depends upon how you want to send copies to the recipients. 
6) You can optionally download the PDFs to provide vendors their copies yourself.
7) If you need to file 1099s with your state, tap on the Next button.
8) Once you have chosen all the appropriate options and type the required information on the Select Forms display, you are taken to the Payment page.
9) You have to type your payment information and choose the option of Pay and submit to e-file.

We assume that if you want to do E-filling of 1099 form in QuickBooks desktop, you have to go through the above-mentioned steps and get your issue resolved. The representatives are always here to fix your issue. They are highly skilled, and proficient to resolve the issue. 

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