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How to properly store your electronic cigarette and its equipment?

Some vapers start with a model and stick to it, while others become real collectors ... We start with one (or two) tube electronic cigarettes, then we equip ourselves with a box and several clearomizers to vary the pleasures, not to mention this pretty practical and designer pod mod, in addition, history of vaping nicotine salts ... With the vials, cartridges, coils, and various accessories - not to mention the reconstructable workshop or the Do It Yourself lab -, it can quickly turn into an invasion! So, what to do with all this material, and how to store your electronic cigarette to get the most out of it for as long as possible?  Custom printed Vape Boxes.


Observe the usual precautions

If you want to profit from something for as long as possible, you need to make sure you take care of it. In the same way that winemakers store their wines in cellars to mature, or owners of beautiful cars protect them from the elements by putting them in the garage, you need to take care of your electronic cigarette. We, therefore, advise you to store it well to preserve its lifespan and to do the same with your e-liquids so that your vaping experience is the best possible and to avoid incidents.


First of all, you store your electronic cigarette equipment out of sight and reach of children. An e-cigarette is an object reserved for adults, some glass parts of which (the clearomizer in particular) can be fragile. Electronics like e-liquid vials should also be handled with care. Even with safety caps, the vials can be opened by nimble little hands, attracted by certain colored labels. It is therefore essential to ensure that they are properly closed and not to leave them lying around - the ideal being to store them up high, in a closed drawer or in a storage box for electronic cigarettes.


Create a "Vape Space"

Once we have found the ideal place, we organize it! To help you do this, there are plenty of storage accessories for your electronic cigarette.

For atomizers or clearomizers, there are, for example, supports allowing them to be stored vertically, which also facilitate the assembly of reconstructable.

The batteries also have their supports (with a suction cup, metal, conical…), some of which are very design.

Be careful to protect your batteries: to do this, opt for boxes provided for this purpose, on sale in shops or on the Internet.

If you were a construction toy fan, you know how important it is to properly sort small parts: opt for a transparent box with multiple compartments to store drip tips, resistors, wires, and other replacement parts ...

Lovers of flavors will choose a similar system to store their many vials of e-liquids, by taste families for example classics, menthol, gourmets ...

Store your e-cigarette vertically

People look more attractive and confident straight away when they stand up straight… and the same goes for your e-cigarette! If you store it horizontally or upside down, it may leak or collect dust. So, how do you put away your electronic cigarette? Vertically: thus, it will remain very clean.


Find the right protection

Where to store your electronic cigarette? your electronic cigarette in a suitable, clean, and dry place, you will extend its lifespan and performance. Sliding it into a toothbrush holder is a simple but effective solution, as it is in a mug or glass. Otherwise, you can also store it in a bag.


Put your vape in the light and heat

Electronics do not like temperature changes or humidity. Therefore, remember to store your electronic cigarette away from any source of bright light and store it at room temperature - so avoid leaving it lying around next to the radiator or a window! This also applies to e-liquids, as prolonged exposure to sunlight can alter their flavor.


Know how to throw away and recycle


Tidying up well also means knowing how to throw away!

What to do when the vials and cartridges are empty? Non-reusable, cartridges should be discarded with recyclable plastic packaging. As for the vials, we can of course do the same (taking care to rinse them thoroughly if they have contained nicotine), but it is still better to recycle them yourself, by reusing them if you are fond of DIY, for example. . Just clean them with hot water and affix a label to identify your "homemade" mixes.


As for your e-cigarette, if it is broken or you want to change it, again, it is better to know the right things to do, because some of its components are very polluting. Batteries and chargers must therefore be deposited at a collection point provided for this purpose, in a recycling center or in a DIY store.


We can also recycle certain parts, the clearomizer, in particular, which has the advantage of being removable.

You can reuse the elements yourself, or leave your electronic cigarette equipment to professionals. A good plan: some manufacturers take back your old equipment for recycling, often in exchange for discounts or vouchers. We can of course also opt for the second-hand market. Do not hesitate to ask!  Custom Playing Card Boxes.

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