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Check These Top 5 Reasons to Use Cardboard Cake Boxes

The love of bakery products, especially cakes, is unending. People of different cultural backgrounds like to have cakes in their desserts after finishing the meal. You could argue that investing in these sweet edibles could be a win-win situation for the confectioners. But, it is not unless these edibles are packed in cardboard cake boxes. These packages are a remedy for all the concerns a retailer has, from packing to storing and distribution of edibles. Ease of customization is a core benefit of these packages that make them an outstanding choice.  

Rid of protection concerns:

The nutritional value and quality of cakes are compromised a lot due to shocks, vibrations, and jerks during transportation. The confectioners need a packaging solution that can maximize product protection. It is, for this reason, they never shy from opting the custom cake boxes that are made up of quality cardboard material. They are known for their exceptional capability to retain the value and freshness of baked items until the final delivery. When corrugated, the cardboard packages can easily withstand extreme pressures, critical loads, and abrasive forces. They are a perfect fit and prevent the inside movement of items that are responsible for items’ banging around with the box walls. The quality of baked items can also deteriorate drastically if you are not taking care of the environmental stressors. These boxes have unique proficiency against moisture, humidity-like effects, and other such contaminators.  

Amazing flexibility:

The fundamental reason for selecting cardboard boxes as your packaging solution lies in their premium quality and innovative structure. Just like standard packaging options, they do not have a limited approach when it comes to cutting, shaping, and sizing. It is easy to modify their structure in the anticipated design without worrying about the cost. Considering the shape and dimensions of the cakes to be packed, you can opt for the box thickness accordingly. The die-cut technology can help you with a transparent box design that provides a product preview before purchasing. The die cuts also let you have a packaging shape that complements the theme of trending events. This is ideal for making your cakes relevant to a particular occasion or festival to promote more sales. Apart from customization in predicted structures, the custom boxes can be stapled, taped, and glued the way you want.  

Save you money:

Custom cake boxes wholesale buying is a money-saving opportunity for all the confectioners out there in the market. The suppliers cut down their profit margins for bulk orders that help a retailer to get more monetary benefits in the long run. The cost-effective material used in the manufacturing of these boxes also leads to competitive prices by the suppliers. Furthermore, the packages are lightweight that hold importance from two perspectives in this aspect. At first, they make shipment loading and unloading easier that leads to reduced labor costs. Secondly, the lighter weight pays off in terms of lowering the amount of fuel consumed during transportation. All these accumulative monetary benefits serve a great deal in enhancing the net profitability of a bakery business.  

Convenient design:

When transporting baked products over long distances, their overall weight is an important consideration for the manufacturers. If the weight of boxes also adds to the weight of the merchandise, the cost incurred to your business would be much higher. Not just that, but the handling of baked items would also become a hard job. The custom cake boxes with high-tech construction are lightweight and convenient to carry from one point to the other. The handling mechanism introduced to the design provides a hassle-free carrying experience to the customers. Some locking features can be added to help the audience easily close, re-open, and re-close the packages. Thus, there will be no risk of building up wrap rage feelings that worsen the customers’ experiences with a product.  

Printing and add-ons:

Nothing is impossible when it comes to creating impressive custom printed cake boxes, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. Techniques like digital and offset printing can provide your packages an extra oomph that is required to capture maximum heed. The product and brand description in the form of pictorial illustrations and colorful graphics can be done easily. To improve the liveliness of the printed designs, you can opt for additional add-ons. Gloss UV, foil stamping, and matte coatings could be utilized to improve the exterior of the packages significantly.  

Cardboard cake boxes owing to their exhaustive customization features, prove themselves as the finest choice to pack delicate and fragile cakes. They perfectly meet the safety criterion and improve the presentation of cakes within a limited budget. They are also a valuable investment from an environmental point of view as they meet sustainability standards.  

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