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These 7 latest trends that must be followed for auto bottom tray success

In the present flooded consumer landscape where hundreds of new goods are brought every month, standing apart from them is tougher than ever before. This has encouraged the need to follow diverse and creative trends regarding Auto Bottom Tray. Below are some of the top trends which are to be followed if you are looking to imprint a mark on your target audience.

Minimalistic Approach

When it comes to tempting Custom Auto Bottom Tray Boxes designs, minimalism isn't going anywhere sometime soon. Prosperous brands are aiming for simplicity, typefaces, textures, and printed taglines carefully. They show an honest element in their brand identity every time. They inspire their customers by keeping the minimalistic approach the vital property in their packaging designs. Simple shades, dyes, and gradients are combined in a way that ensures the product manufacturers that their merchandise will stand out on the retail shelves to get maximum potential consumers.

Black and White

Another growing trend in the packaging industry is embellishing color palette with just two fundamentals: Black and White. The recipe for these two shades can create some attractive and thought-provoking dialogue with grayscale packaging design. These two shades can help you in creating some in-depth artworks and sophisticated shades in your printed Auto Bottom Tray designs. Simplification is one of the main influencers in the packaging design styles in 2020. A combo of black and white can truly ignite the feeling of the customers. It can be either while presenting the product in the crowd or any shopping mall. They can be used effectively when launching a new product on the market. Nowadays, holographic effects on a plain black background are quite fashionable as well.

Vintage Illustrations

If there is one thing that never goes out of style, then that surely is the charm of vintage elegance. Vintage illustrations point to antiquated labels, handwritten letterings, and shadier colors which are used to attract consumers of all ages. Such high-quality graphics where cartoonist and imaginary brand characters are being used to assist your custom printing Auto Bottom Tray to gain more of your customer's attention.

Bold Gradients

Gradients are extensively used by online Auto Bottom Tray packaging designers and many successful brands to generate fresh, inspired, and striking effects by joining together various colors and blends. Such gradients look stunning both in digital and physical forms, especially when they are printed on custom Auto Bottom Tray. For instance, custom printed lipstick packaging boxes, cardboard retail packaging boxes, etc. This design will be highly trendy in the upcoming years with the new depth to packaging diversity across the businesses and markets. Bold and glowing gradient, shinning from the shelves, such designs are popular pretty much everywhere.


Going plastic-free is an ongoing trend for the past many years that all of us must embrace. In this year, several productive advances are being shown in renewable and nature-friendly packaging materials. Businesses are now focusing on reducing the overall carbon footprint by lessening the use of plastic that creates waste & injurious toxic in the atmosphere. They are applying plastic-free strategies and advising the use of paper packaging for more ecological and efficient packaging industry.

Powerful Pastels

From refreshment to chocolate packaging, the serene yet powerful appeal of pastels can be seen in every kind of packaging boxes nowadays. Powerful pastels, when combined with numerous patterns, can be used to create some solid statements for the client to make a purchase decision straightaway. It is all about how you manifest your message to your target audience. Extensive research has to be done before opting for this option so that you can make your printed Auto Bottom Tray exactly tailored to what your consumer needs.

Symmetric Layouts

There's something characteristically satisfying about the symmetry of layout in design. It more delightful to the human eye and also gives a sense of balance design. This is why more neatly structured layouts are becoming a major trend in the packaging world. This trend is all about the formatting, or more about how typography is used in the design. Text, which is typically comprised of unique font blends, is separated by clear lines that distribute the space into balanced spaces, resulting in easy readability and a sense of symmetry that appeals to consumers. It allows designers to take a more minimalistic approach to the rest of the design.

Suppose you are looking to customize your Auto Bottom Tray boxes more appealingly. Then these above mentioned seven packaging design trends will certainly be of great help to you. These cover the entire packaging business, and almost every supplier or manufacturer would be recommending these innovative designs to their customers. So, go ahead and implement these changes into your packaging before buying Auto Bottom Tray wholesale quantity.


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