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Obamacare Now Appears Safe: The Future Of Insurance With Obamacare


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The US health care landscape is subject to laws and acts. Even the slightest change can affect tens of millions of US citizens. This is why many people keep tabs on recent developments. The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, was enacted in 2010. It was one of the most welcomed acts promulgated by the Obama administration. 


Obamacare expanded eligibility for Medicaid and helped reduce the number of uninsured, allowing people to buy health insurance policies directly from insurers even without employer coverage. The Republicans saw the law as unconstitutional, leading to Trump’s administration asking the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act. 


However, Obamacare now appears safe, with companies like serving more than 300 employers and offering comprehensive and affordable health insurance plans to individuals and families in North Carolina. 


Let’s see how the Supreme Court ruled and what the future of health insurance will look like with Obamacare in place.

The new Supreme Court ruling guarantees the survival of the law!

Image source: Unsplash


It was not the first or the second, but the third major Supreme Court challenge the Affordable Care Act had to go through and survive. The new decision was in Obamacare’s favor with a 7-2 majority. 


The new Supreme Court ruling ensures the law’s survival which is excellent news for more than 30 million US citizens who benefit from it. The new ruling affects everyone, including the citizens who want to buy health insurance Asheville policies.


Meanwhile, public support remains with Obamacare. The enrollment remains high. As per the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation report, more than 30 million people enrolled in health coverage through the Affordable Care Act – a record. With the new Supreme Court ruling guaranteeing Obamacare survival, only one question remains. What is the future of health insurance in the US?

The future of insurance in the US with Obamacare in place

Image source: Unsplash


The Republicans were united in fighting against Obamacare, which had the Democrats playing defensive. However, the Democrats can finally start playing offensively with the new Supreme Court ruling and start moving towards making universal health coverage a reality.


The Biden administration has support from the Democratic Congress. They intend to expand Obamacare and make some updates. They want to simplify Obamacare and make it more affordable and rewarding to US citizens. Democrats have recently helped the stimulus bill to pass in the House. It’s just one of many bills to come tailored to help Americans with low wages buy private health insurance plans. 


While it is obvious that Democrats want to achieve universal health coverage, there are many challenges associated with it. First of all, designing the laws is quite challenging. There are dozens of federal and state agencies that help regulate the healthcare system:

  • Department of Health and Human Services;

  • The Centers for Disease Control;

  • The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services;

  • The Veterans Administration; 

  • The Food and Drug Administration;

  • The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality;


Not to mention that it involves certain risks, makes it hard to decide which policy to trade-off, and can potentially result in considerably higher costs. 


All of these challenges are rooted in the complexity of healthcare. We have a health insurance market as the first factor that contributes to this complexity. The market is quite diverse, and insurance plans are not consistent. Some of the things that vary include maximum out-of-pocket expenses, co-payments, and co-insurance.


The other things that will also change are the people who provide healthcare, illness trends, and advances in technology. All of it makes it quite hard to predict the future of health insurance. 

The pros and cons of Obamacare

Obamacare can be considered a controversial act as Democrats and Republicans see it entirely differently. For the Republicans, it has adverse effects on the quality of medical care and drives the prices of insurance premiums up. For the Democrats, it is a way for people who are unemployed, with low-paying jobs, disabilities, or chronic disease to have access to affordable health insurance coverage.


Here are the essential pros and cons of Obamacare.


  • More than 30 million US residents have health insurance coverage thanks to Obamacare;

  • More people can afford health insurance, and they have a wide range of coverage;

  • People with a pre-existing health condition can get health insurance;

  • Obamacare covers a variety of preventive services and screenings, thus promoting a proactive mindset when it comes to healthcare;

  • Prescription and generic drugs now cost significantly less;


  • The premiums have become more expensive for people with pre-existing conditions;

  • To support Obamacare, the US Congress had to pass new taxes into law;

  • The enrollment process is still too complicated for some people and businesses;

  • Businesses are reducing hours to avoid offering insurance and making payments to cover medical bills for their employees; 


Obamacare appears safe for now, with Democrats continuing to push towards universal health care. Meanwhile, tens of millions of Americans can continue to benefit from Obamacare and enjoy affordable health insurance policies.


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