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How to Hire for Mechanical Skills

Although the unemployment rate is at the highest level seen in decades, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the U.S. manufacturing industry had 336,000 job opening in June 2020. These numbers are nothing new for the manufacturing industry. The sector has faced a shortage of skilled workers for some time.

Companies in manufacturing and industrial trades must take steps to bridge the skills gap and fill open positions with candidates capable of learning new mechanical skills and technical knowledge. By implementing a streamlined, data-driven approach to evaluating candidates’ likelihood of excelling manufacturing or industrial sector, employers can make better hiring decisions.

eSkill, a leader in public sector pre hire assessments, provides organizations with the tools to predict candidates' mechanical aptitude accurately and potential job.

Skill-Specific Hiring Assessment

eSkill’s Mechanical Aptitude Skills Test provides insight into candidates’ abilities to apply mechanical concepts and principles to solve problems. The test is predictive of performance in production, manufacturing, and technical jobs.

eSkill’s Mechanical Aptitude Skills Test assesses: 

Knowledge of mechanical operations and physical laws
Effective technical skills
Problem-solving skills
Spatial reasoning
Critical thinking skills
Aptitude for learning mechanical and technical tasks and processes

Use this test to evaluate candidates’ skills related to various positions, including assembly technician, machine operator, and mechanic. Hiring teams can combine any of eSkill’s hiring assessments to create a comprehensive evaluation.

eSkill’s most popular skill-specific hiring assessments related to mechanical aptitude include:

Basic Industrial Math Skills Test
Assembly Skills Test
Logical Thinking Skills Test
Automotive Mechanic Knowledge Skills Test
Basic Industrial Skills Test

Job-Based Mechanical Aptitude Hiring Assessments

eSkill’s offers a variety of job-based pre hire assessments that include mechanical aptitude as a critical competency. Since positions that require mechanical aptitude can vary considerably, eSkill’s assessment experts have developed a catalog of job-specific skills tests combinable with in-depth single-subject tests, like eSkill’s Mechanical Aptitude Skills Test. 

eSkill’s most popular mechanical aptitude job-based skills tests:

eSkill’s Assembly Technician Skills Test: this test evaluates candidates’ ability to perform the basic functions of assembling electrical and mechanical components by hand or using machines to produce specific products. This test assesses assembly skills, mechanical aptitude, data checking, workplace safety, and digital literacy.

eSkill’s CNC Operator Skills Test: this test evaluates candidates’ ability to set up and operate CNC machines, read and interpret engineering drawings, and work safely and efficiently. This test covers many topics, including basic industrial math, CNC skills, basic electronics, workplace safety, and mechanical aptitude.

Easily combine eSkill’s job-based skills tests with single-subject skills tests to create a comprehensive assessment of the skills needed for any position. eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Managers can assist hiring teams in matching skills tests with open positions to create accurate, predictive indicators of candidates’ likelihood for success in a role.


Implement a Streamlined Approach to Hiring

eSkill’s online assessment tests for hiring streamline the screening process and reduce bias. Relying on quantitative, objective data to make informed hiring decisions rather than subjective measures like prior work experience or education credentials enables organizations to quickly select top talent.

By administering eSkill's online hiring assessments as the first step in the screening process, recruiters and hiring teams can quickly create a shortlist. eSkill uses the power of predictive analytics to automatically rank job-seekers based on test scores so you can easily identify top candidates and make faster hiring decisions.

Quick hiring decisions improve the candidate experience. The 2018 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Benchmark Research Report found the primary complaint of 26% of candidates surveyed was the hiring process took too long. eSkill’s innovative platform combines skills testing and on-demand video interview into a seamless experience for employers and candidates alike, speeding up the hiring process.

With eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing software, hiring teams can automatically send candidates an email invitation to record responses to a set of pre-determined questions. Hiring teams can then score and share the responses on eSkill’s user-friendly platform. With eSkill’s team scoring feature, hiring teams can view the same interview, score the responses, and share their feedback with the team in real-time. This way, scoring practices are regularly calibrated and standardized, reducing bias, and improving hiring outcomes.

eSkill is an industry leader in creating reliable and valid pre-employment assessments. With a perfect 16-year record of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance, eSkill offers a defensible, trusted pre-employment testing platform. 

Top companies leverage assessment tests for hiring to make data-driven hiring decisions. Identify candidates who have the mechanical aptitude to succeed in a role with eSkill’s hiring assessments.

Interested in Using Mechanical Aptitude Hiring Assessments?

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