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What is CISA Certification? A Beginner's Guide

ISACA presents the Certified Information Systems Auditor certification, which is recognized globally. CISA certification verifies the skills and expertise of the professionals in auditing, security, and monitoring. The demand for CISA certification is high across numerous industries. The need for professionals who can ensure the protection of an organization’s confidential data from falling into the wrong hands through the unapproved access by unknown sources. 

They need professionals who can easily handle any unwanted situations to minimize the damage dealt with by the organization. CISA certified professionals are not only confined to the IT industries, but they also receive job opportunities in various other industries. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must attain at least 5 years of work experience in a full-time job role in the Information system, controls, and security.


There are numerous benefits of CISA certification; some of those benefits are explained below:

Needs for Professionals: Over a period of time, the requirements for CISA certified professionals have been increasing all over the world. As there has been a drastic increase in cyber crimes and cyber threats. The industries have started to put emphasis on their security, which is why they require CISA certified professionals to keep the risks and threats in check constantly. They ensure the protection and safety of the network from unauthorized access from outer sources. If the confidential data of a company leaks, it will do tremendous damage to the industry, which is increasing, and monitoring the security process of networks across numerous countries is important. 

Global Acknowledgment: Candidates with CISA certification go through numerous training courses to prepare for the certification exam. It helps the candidates hone their skills and knowledge regarding numerous IT concepts. CISA certification is recognized globally, which is why you will receive a vast list of job opportunities. If you are willing to work abroad, CISA certification might help you in securing a job across countries worldwide as it proves your skills and knowledge in various aspects such as monitoring auditing and securing. It also proves your competency on a global level. You can secure a job in any type of industry on the basis of your experience and with the addition of CISA certification in your resume. The critical skills needed to deal with any unwanted situations successfully while focusing on reducing the damage dealt on the organization are accumulated by the CISA certified candidates through training and experience. It will allow the candidates to think at a high level. 

Exam details:

CISA certification exam requires the candidates to accumulate basic understanding and knowledge regarding the five domains. These domains are extremely important in order to pass the exam. The passing score of a CISA certification is around $450. This certification also requires maintenance every three years. 


CISA certification exam can be registered online by anyone. You must book the exam after completing at least more than half of your preparation as booking an exam without proper preparation can lead to failure. You can check the date of your exam and also other details related to the venue on the PSI system. There is a variety of range of tools available on the site to help you in practicing and gaining experience in working with different range of tools, which will be beneficial in the preparation of the exam.

Exam Cost:

After qualifying for the exam, you’ll have to first pay the exam fee. The CISA certification early registration costs $525 for candidates with ISACA membership and $710 for non-membership candidates. There are numerous other costs of a CISA certification, which include the training course fees, international fees, resource fees, and so on. But with ISACA membership, you will receive discounts on the numerous expenses, and it will also provide you with other benefits. The standard model of the CISA certification exam costs $575 for candidates with ISACA membership, and for candidates, without ISACA membership, the fee is around $760. As the certification requires to be renewed every three years, it also includes a renewal fee, which is around $40. 

Certification Renewal:

After achieving a CISA certification, you will have to renew the certification every three years to keep the status of your certification active. The contact hours that are needed each year are 20 hours, and in a time period of three years, 120 hours of contact is required to fulfill the CPE requirements. You also have to pay an additional fee for the certification renewal. 

CISA certification is incredible for candidates to prove their skills and expertise in auditing, security, and monitoring. It also proves the dedication of the candidates towards their job or field of work. 

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