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7 Things You Shouldn't Do With E-Liquids


Vaping is still a relatively new thing. It was invented back in 2003 by a Chinese investor as an alternative to smoking, which was supposed to help smokers quit cigarettes.


Since that time, it has evolved a lot, and it transformed into the vaping culture we all know. Millennials took vaping as a part of their own culture, and the modern vaping devices are very diverse and modifiable. 


Still, not many people are aware of how to use it properly. E-liquid is the heart of your vaping device, as it is the carrier of all the flavor that you experience. Now there are a few things you should know about e-liquids so that you can use them to full effect and without any safety issues.


Let's take a look at some common mistakes that people make when handling e-liquid.


1. Don't Expose Your E-Liquid to Sunlight

Now, this doesn't mean that E liquids are unable to withstand any amount of sunlight. You can leave it for an entire day in direct sunlight, and you won't notice a difference. Prolonged exposure to heat and light is another matter.


E liquids contain nicotine, and this exposure to heat and light oxidizes the nicotine in the bottle, leading to reduced strength and a weaker aroma when vaping.


2. Don't Leave E-Liquids in the Reach of Kids or Pets

This should be a given, but we need to mention it anyway. E-liquids are not designed to be ingested outside of vaping, so leaving a container somewhere where kids and pets can get into them is a bad idea. Keep it out of reach, and if you still think it's not safe enough, find a lockbox and lock it in there. 


3. Plastic Containers Are Not for Long Term Storage

In most cases, e-liquids are delivered in plastic containers, which work just fine for short-term storage. However, if you bought a batch of e-liquid and think that you're set for a longer period, you need to reconsider your containers.


Plastic is not intended for long-term storage and can change the flavor of your liquid. In cases of LDPE plastic containers, air can interact with the liquid as well, so switch to glass or PET plastic.


4. Don't Forget to Prime

Vaping e-liquid on a new coil that wasn't primed is the most common mistake new vapers make. An unprimed coil will result in dry hits that simply waste your liquid. Never start vaping without ensuring that the wick is soaked, and you'll be fine.


5. Don't Vape Old Liquids Without Checking If Its Still Good

If you stocked up on liquid and have been storing it for more than a couple of months, you should definitely check it before you start using it. The way to do this is to open the bottle and give it a little sniff, much like you'd check a carton of milk. You'll instantly know if the liquid has deteriorated.


6. Don't Leave Air in the Container

When using e-liquids, we tend to use some and keep the rest in the container it came in. The problem with this approach is that air, much like light and warmth, helps the nicotine inside the liquid oxidize.


When you use some of the liquid from your bottle, transfer it into another that leaves the least air possible in the bottle. This way, the amount of air left inside the container will have the smallest reaction with its contents.


7. Don't Forget to Check the Expiration Date

Every e-liquid comes with an expiration date, but depending on how much you uphold the rules proposed by this article, the expiration date will move. Most e-liquids last about a year, but we can prolong that to about two years with good storage habits.


Keep in mind that fruity liquids have a shorter lifespan than its stronger, more flavored liquids. Even if a flavor change occurs, it doesn't mean that it has gone bad – still, it doesn't hurt to be careful.


If in doubt, throw it away and get another one.


If you are not sure what to get, check out the most popular USA vape juice options, and you'll find something to start with.


When beginners look at vaping, they often see it as a complicated endeavor. You actually need to know your device – there's maintenance involved, flavors of various kinds, good storage practices, and so on. Still, this is a part of the charm.


Vaping isn't just a different form of smoking – it's a genuine hobby for some people. The same way some people enjoy smoking Cuban cigars, drinking whiskey or wine, vapers do the same. They look for a nuanced taste and the best way to enjoy their favorite pastime.





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