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Ideology and Nationalism

What Are the Stakes in the Game of Nationalism? I view Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley and his first inaugural speech as excellent samples of conflict evasion and negotiating about matters of internal politics. Repeatedly, Lincoln states that he intends to “save the Union”, but does not object slavery to the extent of taking any legal action against it. Thus, I believe Lincoln and his followers were on the side of “civic” nationalism. They wanted to preserve their nation and the state as one whole entity. According to Lincoln, slavery was a separate issue and did not interfere with inviolability of the state. However, in the declaration of the secession from Federal Union, states of Mississippi and Texas expressed concerns that white people of their states felt pressured by the government into abolishing slavery. I think that white land and property owners of Texas and Mississippi felt that their whole way of life and properties were threatened by the prospect of slavery abolishment.

Their intentions to separate from Federal Union were dictated by the desire to maintain institute of slavery. Both declarations are expressions of “ethnic” nationalism; they are filled with reasoning about the importance and benefits of slavery and superiority of whites. The conflict between “civic” and “ethnic” nationalisms was so severe that it turned into American Civil War. Understanding of the meaning of civic and ethnic nationalism helps to comprehend how two sides of the conflict in the Civil War viewed the essence of nationalism. It clarifies why the dispute was so severe that it resulted in a war. Two ways of life conflicted. North had nothing to lose since its economy did not depend on slave labor. However, South was in danger of suffering the change of core values of life and having to rebuild its economy and business practices into completely new and inconvenient model.

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