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I have decided to title this series of articles in this way, not to guarantee miraculous formulas to get the desired type, but to give the guidelines to make it a reality.
We are at the time when gyms are filled with people who, seeing summer coming, strive to take care of what they have been neglecting for a long time, and many times, what is desired is not achieved, and that leads to the abandonment of the practice of exercise.
Let's start with the first step.Motivation


You have already decided to sign up for the gym, congratulations! that is the first necessary step, not for the obviousness, but for deciding to take time to dedicate to taking care of your health, let's not forget that it is the most important thing.

Now, what are you going to the gym for? what do you want to achieve?

Don't set absurd goals, you are the way you are, and you are unique as a person, so don't put photos of models or sculptural bodies from fitness magazines because they are different from you; set small goals, small achievements that will make your workouts more interesting and more attractive. Don't think about the August vacation, think about the next day of training, about getting a small improvement to be able to move forward.

Help yourself with these tips:
Try to find a training partner, that will make the time you spend in the gym more relaxed, if it is not from outside, the gym is a place where you can interact, and there will always be someone with whom you get to train and you can even train together.

If you don't locate anyone, take an mp3 with the music that motivates you the most, especially when it comes to cardiovascularizing, it will come in handy to keep up with the rhythm.

Above all, keep in mind that you go to the gym to improve yourself, and that with every small change you achieve, your whole person will improve, and adding the small changes you get a big one.

When you are prepared, that is, you have already internalized going to the gym and you are convinced that it is for a personal improvement, it is when you can try the jump to a greater objective.

You can't go to the gym without being motivated and convinced of what you want to achieve, because without it, you won't be able to achieve your goals, and you will end up abandoning practice.
Okay, we have already addressed a very important aspect to get to the GOAL.

Now let's see how we make the way.

The title of the article is "the secret of success" isn't it? Well, here's the formula:

Exercise + diet + rest = achievement.



Understood as the training plan that you are going to follow, and depending on the objective that you want to set yourself, as we have already said we will help you to be in shape for the summer.

If you want to lose fat, keep these steps in mind.

Cardiovascular exercise is paramount
You should not stop completing it with weight work, if possible with exercises that mobilize large muscle masses, and leaving aside a little analytical or insulating., use long series with little rest between exercises, and do them in circuit mode to keep the pulses high

If you want to tone, don't leave the following aside.

Before toning, or hardening, you should keep in mind that you have an adequate percentage of fat, otherwise, you may not be convinced by the results.
To harden, you need to take loads, stimulate the muscle, with which, you must learn to calculate the percentages of work well, it is useless that for a series of 12 handles a weight that corresponds to a series of 25
Toning is a slow and hard process, which requires perseverance, keep it in mind and don't despair if you don't see results in a week.

In any case, you must keep in mind that the body is not a car, in which we remove one wheel for another without problem, that is, if you want to reduce belly fat, or have more marked arms, you must train the whole body equally, otherwise, you will hardly achieve your goal.

Another important thing is to respect what the monitor or personal trainer has programmed for you, any change you do well because you don't like exercises, or because it doesn't convince you or for whatever reason, without consulting it, it may break a gear built for YOU to get what you've been chasing, so before making decisions consult your coach.

In any case, whatever your objective, keep in mind that the professional in charge of programming it for you is the coach, but he is not the one who is going to perform it, it is simply your guide, you are the one who must take the protagonism and it is you who must worry and become aware of it.


Food pyramid

This is probably the section that people have the most problems in carrying with the greatest accuracy.

Each one has a different type of life, influenced by their work, their family, their free hours, chores etc etc etc, and that often does not have enough strength to be able to eat a correct diet.

Well, that happens because we see the diet as something negative and that we think we can compensate with a strong crush in the gym, well, this is a half-truth.

Whatever your goal, you must accompany it with a correct intake of nutrients, to provide energy to the body to continue performing its functions correctly, but above all, in order not to delay the achievement of your achievements, if you do not do the diet correctly, you put barriers that in the end will make you not achieve that desired goal.

Don't call it diet, call it food systems, and take it as a necessary and essential help for yourself.

Create a weekly schedule where all the meals (5 minimum) that either a nutritionist technician or a doctor has indicated how to do are reflected, so you can organize the purchase perfectly, and if you change something, you can compensate for it.

When you go shopping, do it on a full stomach, that will help avoid certain temptations to buy food that is not within the food system that you are going to take.

If your body requires it, you can one day skip planning, but don't make it a custom, because then you have broken the planning, distinguish between a necessary whim, and an unnecessary tribute.

The training days you will be hungrier, so you will have to eat more food, keep it in mind when planning your meals.

Do not use standard diets, what has worked with the famous one on duty, may (no, surely not) not work with you, because you are a unique and different person, as I have already told you in the motivation section.

And above all, before getting into a severe diet, go gradually getting used to the body, doing mini diet periods so that psychologically you get used to an imposed rhythm of meals.



It is essential that your body and mind are rested, otherwise, it is impossible that you have enough strength to achieve your goal.
When you enter through the gym door, leave the problems out, your mobile at reception, and take the training time for yourself, it is your personal moment, the time of day when you are working for your personal improvement, and there is no room for outside interference.

Try to rest a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, nowadays it is almost impossible to reach that level of rest, but at least do not go down from 6 hours, otherwise the performance will plummet.

Don't mortify yourself with endless hours of training, or with successive days, the body also needs rest to assimilate the changes you want to produce in it, the ideal is to train once every 48 hours, and one hour each workout.

More hours of training, adding exercises, lengthening the race, not resting between sessions and another series of parameters, fruits of impatience, will not make you reach the finish line sooner.

And above all, if everything starts to surpass you, take a week off, and come back with more desire, don't worry, you won't have lost almost anything, and you will be at full capacity again soon.

Well, these are just a few brushstrokes, from the next article, we will begin to outline each section more conscientiously, providing routines, diets, forms of motivation and other parameters.

But keep in mind one thing, not all the training or diet formulas in the world alone will make you change, you must do something on your part, keep it in mind the day you decide to start on the 15th instead of the 4th of the month.

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