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Arnold Schwarzenegger: "What are you doing for the environment?"

The filmmaker presents 'Wonders of the Sea', on the wealth of the oceans, and warns about climate change: "If Trump were smarter, he would copy the environmental policy that I adopted as Governor of California"

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back. And in top form. He has returned to talk about politics, a subject from which he tries to get away, but to which he immediately returns as if he were a magnet. His time at the San Sebastián festival buy thyro3 t3 cytomel 2 packs muscle​​​​​​​- shorter than expected because he decided to stay one more night in Barcelona - has been justified as producer and filmmaker of the documentary The wonders of the sea, shot by Jean-Michel Cousteau(the son of the famous commander), who travels the oceans in search of the most beautiful images that will make the viewer fall in love. And in three dimensions. "A visual feast," according to the actor. And the former California governor is right: the film overwhelms. "We did not want to make a speech about what we are doing wrong but to create a work that would make you fall in love with the sea. As the Cousteau says: 'You protect what you love'. That is our objective."

Before a group of journalists, Schwarzenegger (Thal, Austria, 1947) has been amusing and chatty ... until he entered dangerous waters. At the previous press conference, he had made two concepts clear. First, his legislative work as Governor of California (from 2003 to 2011) is an example to others. "We showed that you can protect the environment and reduce gas emissions, promoting a greener industry; it increased GDP, contrary to what the foremen predicted, by 5%, while in the rest of the United States it only increased by 2%. If Republicans, Trump and his White House team were smart, they would copy what we did to the environment in California and repeat it across the United States. "

Second, the problem is everyone's. "I do not make statements about the politics of different countries of the world, because whatever they say will be a headline. But it is also that political parties want us to believe that the environment is a political problem because that is their business. It is not well, it concerns us all because we all want to breathe clean air, and pass on to the next generations a nature in its fullness. So every day you have to ask yourself: what do you do to maintain the environment? For me, more than a mission, it is an ecological crusade. "

So what should Trump do? "Well, I have already said at the press conference. But it is not only Trump's fault because politics is also made from Congress. And we are talking about a problem that causes 19,000 human beings to die every day, that is, seven million every year. We have to eliminate fossil fuels because they kill more than suicides or traffic accidents. " Schwarzenegger recalls that as governor he fought "very much" against the federal government. "When Obama came to the White House, he struggled for measures to take care of the environment, albeit with Congress against it. Anyway, I think associating this fight with ideology distracts people. It is a global problem."

In 2011, Schwarzenegger left the governor's office in Sacramento. Do you feel nostalgic for power? "If I had been born in the United States [something mandatory to get to the White House according to the Constitution], I would have submitted to the presidential race in the last elections. Sure. And yes, I miss being a politician. It is logical. I miss going out on stage in bodybuilding competitions, I miss being 30 years old ... ". In exchange, all those contacts have been applied at the Schwarzenegger Institute, within the University of Southern California. "And from there I keep my activity." Are you planning to go to the White House to screen this documentary? "I don't know if the other producers have made that effort. We are teaching it to the widest possible audience, from the Vatican to politicians and, of course, in schools." But as a former Republican governor, don't you have better contacts than your fellow documentaries? "I think I am not Trump's favorite phone call."

Looking to his career, Arnie has laughed when asked which of his characters would be most moved by The Wonders of the Sea? "Julius, from The Twins Hit Twice because he was a sensitive guy, smart and scientific. And Terminator would have said: 'I can travel back in time, go back a century and stop the fossil fuel revolution. It's an idea for a possible movie, so don't steal it from me. "Because of his numerous commitments, Schwarzenegger does not appear in the film, and only his voice is heard." And that I dive. And in-depth. But the best ones are already on screen, the Cousteau family. I suspect that if it had been James Cameron, of course, he would be seen going down into the depths [laughs]. I have a lot of respect for the Coustestes to equate them with diving. "


During his eight years working in Sacramento, Schwarzenegger left the cinema. When you returned in 2011, did you feel that the industry had changed a lot? "Of course. Because of the technology, because of the new companies that produce content. The business chain has changed, the way movies made money. Today there are ten times more outlets to show the movie, and the income comes from places before Unimaginable. As governor, I gave up my salary, and when I finished my second term, I discovered with surprise that with the new paradigm I had continued to earn money with my rights. Hollywood now concentrates its efforts on fewer movies and invests in films about comics or sagas that They consistently report earnings. Another change that fascinates me is how the way money is managed. Now the economy is truly global: We shoot worldwide and the worldwide box office is much more controlled. The money comes and goes much more, I think it is a more equal give and take than that of two decades ago. "


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