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Do These While Memorizing The Quran Online

Do These While Memorizing The Quran Online

The Holy Quran was revealed as a book of guidance. Not only for the people at the time of the Holy Prophet but it contains solutions to all the problems humanity will ever come across. A lot of Muslims excite themselves by reading and reciting the Quran. No doubt it is an act of swab. But some people go the extra mile and memorize the Holy Quran. Thanks to the evolution of technology, it has become easier to memorize the Quran. You can memorize the Quran online by hiring an online Quran teacher.

You are saved from a lot of hassles when you memorize the Quran online. A comfortable and ideal learning environment, expert teachers, flexible timings, and availability of female Quran tutors are some potential benefits of memorizing the Quran online. Having all these facilities make it much easier to Hifz Quran online rather than going to a madrasa. But if you are zealous about memorizing the Quran, you have to do something extra. 

As it is a common saying, “Work Smart, Not Hard”. It also implies when you Hifz Quran. In order to tighten your grip over Quran memorization, there are some steps that need to be taken. Taking these steps will make it much easier for you to Hifz Quran. In this post, you will be revealed about some amazing tips that will take your memorization speed to another level. 

Is It Possible To Hifz Quran In One Year?

Before we continue with our tips, let us get the answer to the question that haunts a lot of students who wish to memorize the Quran. A lot of students ask whether it is possible to Hifz Quran under one year or not. Yes, this goal is achievable. You can memorize the Quran in one year. There are a total of 6,236 verses in the Holy Quran. If you only memorize 18 to 20 verses per day without taking a break for a single day, you can memorize the Quran in one year. But you have to be consistent and burn the midnight oil to make this goal achievable. 

So let us get started with our tips when you memorize Quran online

  1. Attend Classes Regularly

I know it goes without saying that you have to be consistent and attend your classes regularly to Hifz Quran. But there are some students who do miss their classes due to their petty issues. It not only stretches the time it takes to memorize the Quran but also makes them forget what they have already learned. Consistency is one of the most important things that can help you achieve your goal. So no matter what the situation is or how busy you are, always attend your online Quran memorization class. 

  1. Set Good Goals

Your online Quran tutor will not force you to memorize the verses of the Quran according to your teacher’s will. It is up to you to determine a feasible daily target. You should set some daily goals about your Quran memorization. You have to decide how much you can memorize in a single day. So consult with your teacher about your daily target. Neither decides a target that is too big to be achieved nor limit it to just a few verses. Always set a goal that you think is easily achievable without compromising on your memorization speed. 

  1. Do No Limit To Online Classes Only

As I mentioned before, you have to do something extra if you want to Hifz Quran really quickly. So you have to do something extra to Hifz Quran at a faster pace. Hence, never limit yourself to the online Quran memorization classes. Instead, use these classes as a tool and a helping hand to reach your ultimate goal. Do everything that you think can facilitate you to increase your pace.

  1. Wake Up Early In The Morning

Are you really passionate about memorizing the Quran within the shortest amount of time possible? If yes, then make up your mind to do some extra toil. One of the best things to do is to wake up early in the morning. The capacity of a human brain to absorb things is much more at dawn as compared to the day time. So wake up early in the morning and memorize the verses of the Quran soon after you are done with your fajr prayer.

  1. Revise Previously Memorized Verses

A lot of students make a mistake of not looking back when memorizing the Quran. It is not possible to keep the information saved in your mind for a long time without revising it. If you keep on memorizing new verses each day, there is a high probability that you will forget what you have previously memorized. So it is best to occasionally revise your work. You should take any chapter or a group of verses that you have already memorized. Then try to read them without looking at them. In this way, you will come to know where you are standing. 

  1. Recite During The Prayer

Muslims offer prayer 5 times a day. During the prayer, you have to read a surah after the Surah Fatiha. A lot of people read Surah Ikhlas at this point. But you are becoming a hafiz. One of the best ways to revise the previously memorized verses of the Quran is to read them during the prayer. Instead of reading Surah Ikhlas every time, take any surah from the Holy Quran and read it. It is the best way to revise the verses you have memorized beforehand. 


Memorizing the Quran is not easy. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to do so. Although technology has paved the way to Hifz Quran without going anywhere, there are still some things you can do to increase your pace. You have been told about six tips that will help you Hifz Quran. Now, it is up to you whether you follow these tips or not. If you properly act upon these tips, it will become much easier for you to memorize the Holy Quran.

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An online duty is performed for the teaching of the Quran. Element of the teaching is fit for all students. Patterns of the

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