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Things to describe

Writing an essay begins with developing an interesting, bright topic. To write a good descriptive essay, student should choose a thing to describe in his/her paper. Fortunately, topics for writing descriptive essays have no limits: in your descriptive essay, you can describe everything that you can see, touch, smell, taste, hear and then remember. Learn more with academic writing assistance about choosing topics for writing descriptive essays from this article.
Writing descriptive essays allows talking about:

  1. A person, his/her appearance, behavior
  2. Any thing around you
  3. A state or condition of something
  4. A moment of time or a period
  5. An event
  6. An atmosphere in some place
  7. A work of art

Thus, the following topics for writing descriptive essays are interesting to work on:
Writing descriptive essays: a person’s smile.
Examples: “My mother’s smile”, “The most beautiful smile I have ever seen”
Writing descriptive essays: The way a person does something.
Example: “How my granny cooks a cake”, “How my sister plays with her toys”
Writing descriptive essays: A food or a dish
Examples: “An apple”, “A birthday cake”, “The most exotic dish I have ever tasted”
Writing descriptive essays: Place
Examples: “A place where I like to spend my time”, “The most beautiful landscape I have ever seen”, “My favorite city”, “My room”, “The house of my dream”
Writing descriptive essays: Events
Examples: “Carnival”, “My birthday”, “The most fascinating performance I have ever seen”
Writing descriptive essays: Nature
Examples: “Sunrise”, “Early autumn”, “After the rain”
The more creative and unusual choice you make for your descriptive essay, the more interesting it will be for your potential reader to read it.

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