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Choosing the Best Electricity Supplier in the UK

Well, currently there are around more than a dozen energy companies operating in the UK. And, most of them are offering duel fuel (gas & electricity) while remaining ones are dedicated suppliers of either electricity or gas. Talking of electricity, electricity pricing differs with different electricity or energy companies. And, as mentioned before, with the presence of more than a dozen leading players in this segment of energy supply, a user in UK can easily reduce their spending on electricity bills by switching their electricity suppliers.החלפת חשבון חשמל
While choosing an best electricity supplier, people usually first consider the electricity pricing. In UK, difference electricity companies have different pricing regimen in place, with some of them charging "standing energy charges". And, it has been seen that, energy companies having standing energy charges included in their billing, generally offers electricity at lesser per unit cost compared to those which don't have any standing energy charges in their billing but have higher electricity pricing.
Secondly, before getting into an electricity deal, it is much better to have a fair idea of one's overall electricity usage. And, for getting this information, previous electricity bills are the best options to be looked into.
Apart from this, there are certain other features or benefits which must be confirmed of having mentioned in the electricity deal. These include: 24x7 free customer support, online payment options, online electricity account management, green option (with green option, users get electricity which is partially or completely derived from renewable sources), discount on choosing duel fuel, average savings, discount on paying electricity bill via direct debit and fixed electricity pricing which is most often called 'price promise' (most of the energy companies offer fixed pricing on selected energy products including electricity as well).
Some of the major energy players with operations in electricity supplies are EDF, E-ON, British Gas, npower, Scottish Energy, Utilita, Llyods TSB, Atlantic electricity and gas etc.
A Goliath energy supplier E-ON is currently offering a range of features & benefits. These are 8% of duel fuel discount (discount, available on choosing duel fuel and paying via direct debit) on total energy bill, 8% of direct debit discount (discount which can be available on choosing duel fuel and making payment via direct debit) on total energy bill, ease of managing account online and price protection up to 1/10/2010.
Similarly, with npower which is regarded as the dominant electricity supplier of UK has devised a range of attractive offers to woo customers which include: duel fuel discount of up to £100, direct debit discount which again can be up to £100, £20 incentive on going for online billing, green option and average savings of up to £192 on switching to npower.

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