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Helping Freelance Writers Succeed

Freelancing is an opportunity for you to earn money while still living in the best way and without having to spend all of your days in an office. This sounds great but being a freelancer can also have problems because nothing is perfect, right?

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Though we can’t make freelancing a perfect job, we can look for ways that can help us in in proving our skills so we could be successful in this industry. Here are a few tools to help you succeed as a freelancer:

  • FreshBooks – invoicing can be a challenging aspect when it comes to freelancing especially if you have little knowledge about this. FreshBooks offers invoicing software that have invoice template you could use to make your own invoice and make it look professional even for someone who has a hard time using softwares and tools.
  • Evernote – this can be your virtual personal assistant. This software can be used to take notes, collaborate with others and even write blog posts. It organizes all your notes so you can easily access them and can be used even if you’re away from your computer.
  • Google Docs – this app can be one of the easiest ways to write articles, send to clients and even make edits. Most companies prefer using this software because it is available to everyone, anywhere.
  • Trello – Trello is used when you need to work in collaboration with others. It manages your tasks and your team can view what you finished working on and you could even create deadlines for each task and not have to ask for more time to do a certain job. This can be good practice of time management.
  • Grammarly – it’s easy to make mistakes for you are only human. Grammarly is an app that checks your work for any spelling and grammar errors and highlight those parts so you can edit it, it also provides assistance and shows you how you could edit a certain sentence to improve the quality of your writing.

These are just a few tools that can help you with your freelance writing career and there are still other available tools you could use depending on what you need. Be sure that you are ready to enter into this industry that other people deem easy. Just like regular work, you need to invest a lot of your time, effort and skills to be able to deliver your client’s needs.

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