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Simple things to help you get your homework done faster

September 1 this year will be unique because everyone seems to be waiting for it: even teenagers miss teachers, classmates and offline lessons. The only thing that schoolchildren will return to without pleasure is homework. But we have already figured out how to turn it from a duty into an interesting and stress-free activity. A psychologist, an ophthalmologist and a pediatric orthopedist tell.

Where to begin?

The main problem with homework is usually that children do not want to do it, and parents try to force the child or even do everything for him. In fact, the student is usually able to cope with the tasks himself (sometimes, of course, a parent's hint or advice may be needed), but for this it is necessary to weaken control. Sometimes it can just be help from and it will be very effective in helping you cope with homework, especially such as writing papers. This is the best way to help your child with homework.

Teach your child to plan time and act according to this plan. After all, when he writes a written work, it is important to allocate time and resources for this. Such a quality resource is which will very carefully help your child complete their homework and allocate time according to this writing. It is important not to forget that it is difficult for children to concentrate on one lesson - be understanding that plans will be disrupted from time to time.Explain that the child's actions (or lack thereof) have consequences - poor grades, lack of knowledge. Try not to force the child, even if you really want to: he must understand that homework is his responsibility.

If today the child completes tasks in the morning before lessons, tomorrow before bed, and the day after tomorrow at recess or during lunch, the temptation to evade or cheat will be high. "I'll do it later." "I'll read first." "In the evening". "In the morning". Etc. But if the child has a daily routine, it will become easier to come to terms with the inevitability: for example, from six to eight in the evening he does his homework, then packs his backpack, and then manages the time as he sees fit. but the best way to speed up his homework is when he asks to revise my essay and he can be sure that his written work is written correctly. This is very important when doing homework.

At the same time, it is important to ensure that the child's day is not overloaded with educational activities. If at first the children have a school, then tutors, then classes, and only after that - homework, and you also ask them to read books or watch educational videos, the resistance will be justified: the child must have time for rest, which he can dispose of as he wants.

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