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Increased technologies have increased data theft and data breaches. The normal putting of ID and password and login into the account can be stolen or hacked. So, adding a more strong authentication system is required to protect your data.

Multi-factor authentication is an advanced security technology that adds many layers of protection to the login process. The MFA provides various methods of authentication adding two or more login credentials. The goal of the MFA is to provide complete protection and prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Types of Multi-Factor Authentication:

Knowledge-Based: This authentication process allows users to verify the login with a personal security question. It also includes passwords, PIN numbers, or the one-time password; these are the things that the user knows.

Possession-Based: The possession-based authentication is less probable to get stolen or hacked. It allows authentication with things that users possess, like security tokens, smart cards, mobile phones, Etc.

Inherence-Based: This type of authentication allows confirming the account using your biological traits. It includes various confirmation methods such as fingerprint scan, facial recognition, voice authentication, retina scan, Etc.

Various methods of Multi-factor authentication

SMS Authentication: You must have noticed that it asked you to enter the OTP number while logging into any shopping site. This type of authentication is called SMS authentication, where you receive a message to put the OTP number. It layers up the protection by sending the OTP to the registered mobile number. This logging does not allow any unauthorized person to log in to the account. It is very various from the traditional ID and password verification.

Email Authentication: This is similar to SMS authentication, where the one-time password is received by email. The code is sent to the registered email to authenticate the login process. The user needs to put this OTP number while logging into the account. This email authentication method is safe to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Hardware Authentication: You need to insert the device to authorize your access in this authentication. It is one of the most secure authentication methods.

Software Authentication: This authentication offers a similar kind of security as hardware authentication. It includes the software installed on a system, mobile, or tablet. Here, the smart device becomes the security token to verify the sign-in process.

Phone Authentication: This includes verifying details via a message or the call. This authentication process allows sending an authentication message or calling the registered number.

Biometric Authentication: Today, there are many devices where you can add biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition. No other person with other biological traits can access your device. While logging into your device, you need to verify the biological traits for a secure login process.

How does Multi-Factor Authentication work?

MFA for devices: When you add security to your device, you can add MFA to prevent it from unauthorized access. You can provide email authentication, SMS authentication, Biometric authentication, Etc. to your device apart from normal putting of ID and password. Implementing MFA allows you to follow the MFA process. First, you have to set the MFA under the setting to implement the MFA to your device.

MFA for applications: While using the application, you can set the MFA and improve your application’s security. When you open the application and try to log in, it asks you to follow the MFA. You need to set the MFA under the privacy setting and implement it.

Now, we will talk about a few examples of Multi-Factor Authentication. These are examples that many uses in their daily life. Below most of the examples allow for the setting up of the two-factor authentication system.

Amazon two-step verification

Amazon sends the code to your phone via SMS or email when you try to log in to your Amazon account. To allow step identification in Amazon, follow the below steps:

  • In Your amazon Account, select “login and security.”
  • Click on Edit beside Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings.
  • Then, hit on Get Started and follow the instructions to set MFA.

Apple’s two-factor authentication

  • To set MFA to your Apple account, go to the Settings > [your name] and then to Password & Security.
  • Click on the option “Turn On Two-Factor Authentication” and then Continue.
  • Enter your iPhone phone number to receive codes for two-factor authentication.
  • You can choose to receive the codes either by message or automatic phone call.
  • At last, click the Next button. Enter the code sent to your iPhone number.

Drop-Box two-step verification

  • Log in to your Dropbox account and click your avatar.
  • Click on Settings and the Security tab.
  • Turn the two-step verification to On.
  • Click on Get started and again enter the password.
  • Choose whether you want to receive a security code via a text message or mobile app.

To receive your code via text message:

  • Select “Use text messages” and provide the phone number.
  • Click on the Next to receive a security code via a text message.
  • Enter this code to the dropbox account and click on Next.

To receive your code via mobile app:

  • Select the “Use a mobile app” option and click Next.
  • You can either use the barcode or enter the secret key manually.
  • Once the authenticator app is configured, enter the security code it sends to verify setup and enable two-step verification.
  • Click on the Next.

Facebook two-factor authentication

To turn on the Facebook two-factor authentication:

  • Enter the Security and login settings and go to the “Use two-factor authentication” option.
  •  Click on Edit and select the security method.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and set the 2FA.

Google two-step verification

  • Open your Google Account and go to the Security option.
  • Select 2-Step Verification under “Signing in to Google.”
  • Click on Get started and follow the steps on the screen.

Conclusion: The multi-factor authentication is essential for saving your device or the application. You must set up and implement multi-factor authentication to protect your details. Smartphones and smart devices are very beneficial today as everything is done by smart devices, such as shopping, internet banking, Etc. It is important to protect our devices and vital application to prevent fraud, hacking, data breaches, Etc.

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