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LG V60 Thin Q, we will be talking about the latest updates. So, you should know that the LG V60 has started receiving the Android 12 update. This update is available for T-Mobile customers in the US.

The LG’s Android 12 rollout has continued since the users reported that LG V60 has begun receiving updates in the US.

Reddit is loaded with reports saying the update is available on the T-mobile variant. The notice on the user’s device doesn’t include much of a changelog, but the update includes Android 12, system optimization, bug fixes, and the March security patch.

The T-mobile hasn’t updated its Android 12 support page to include the device.

The LG V60 Thin Q’s Android 12 update began in March and the LG Velvet in South Korea. The US versions have also started receiving the updates.

Intriguingly, the LG V60 Thin Q update seems to have started opposing the country’s home country, which is a matter of course. Also, the company newly released an updated schedule for Q2 2022 on its Korean site, and the V60 was missing from the list.

LG V60 Thin Q specifications

The V60 Thin Q is LG’s last premium-tier smartphone without a V70 successor because the OEM dropped on its market before its launch. At the same time, with its microSD card support, Snapdragon 865 processor, and 8GB RAM, it still falls under trends in 2022. The 5,000 mAh battery and 6.8 inches display make it worth using for some users.

Fortunately for some users, the phablet has received an update to Android 12. But these V60 owners need to be in the US and must have the T-mobile linked variant to be sent the OTA in question.

Except for LG Wing, the V60 was the company’s last “standard” flagship phone competing with Samsung’s best Android phones. Besides some minor issues, the device was quite popular among LG users for its superb camera performance and extended battery life. Also, it is comparatively more economical than other flagship devices.

On the contrary, V70 never optimized its product, which is why there are many users choosing

LG V60 Thin Q.

Interestingly, the LG V60 Thin Q expects to receive one more OS upgrade as LG promised. We haven’t looked at reports of other variants receiving the update, though it won’t take too long for other variants to get the update. We can expect the new updates by 2023.

LG has recently announced that it is about to release its support duty concerning some phones and will upgrade them to Android 13. Although, it’s not clear if LG V60 Thin Q will be a part of this.


 As we know, LG V60 Thin Q is receiving an Android 12 update, and it also holds good features.

LG V60 Thin Q smartphone is a member of the flagship and holds robust features. Its powerful configuration makes its performance effortless while binging on multiple tasks altogether.

Additional features include the splendid cameras, excellent battery backup, IP 68 rated waterproof body, and plentiful storage. One drawback of the LG V60 Thin Q is the lack of quick charging, which is unacceptable for its users.


Is a V60 worth it?

Yes, of course. LG V60 Thin Q is among the best variants of the V series. This 6.8 inches screen phone has a good battery backup, an impressive camera, and a design. It competes with other phones regarding camera quality, software experience, and battery backup.

How long will LG V60 be supported?

When some other devices receive two years update, LG V60 will support for a maximum of three years. These three years of OS updates are applied to the G and V series of smartphones such as LG V50, LG G8, LG V60, LG velvets, and LG Wing.

Is LG V60 waterproof?

The LG V60 Thin Q is IP 68 rated waterproof and uses the ingress protection rating system. The water resistance rating is 8.

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