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McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service is a worldwide enterprise cloud service that provides extensive web protection via rigorous content scanning and amalgamation with other McAfee web security technologies. Cloud service aims to protect your organization from security threats when the users of any organization access the web. So, how does cloud service works?

The cloud service scans and filters web traffic between the users and the cloud. It blocks the traffic that is not allowed by your policy. Also, it protects the users to work inside or outside the network.

Hence, McAfee is a prominent cloud service in the field of cybersecurity along with pioneering products, including antiviruses and firewalls that came in the 1990s.

As cyber threats are a big concern in these changing times. But McAfee Web cloud service is a platform that provides you careful, balanced, and cost-effective security features. Please read the article till the end to know its working and benefits.

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service Security Features

With McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service, the old method of URL filtering and signature-based security strategies as an anti-threat tool has diminished. The McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service changed the process.

The threats and targeted attacks are done by installing the client’s proxy on the endpoints in your organization. The web requests are redirected to the McAfee Web Gateway Cloud service by the administrator and assigned to all managed endpoints in the organization.

The administrator uses McAfee ePO or McAfee ePO cloud to create the client’s proxy and can configure multiple policies. It involves the aping of files, HTML, and JavaScript.

The aim is to provide cost-effectiveness at zero cost of security. However, the primary approach to dealing with malware is to curtail the number of instances you have to deal with damage control only after your security boundary has already been violated.

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service delivers an advantage to the organizations: the lack of need to maintain and purchase hardware for security purposes. McAfee Web Gateway can be easily accessed from anywhere and maintained by the provider themselves as a cloud-native system.

It reduces the need for an IT security team to access it, and with a team, its expertise can be utilized well.

Apart from the lower total cost of ownership, the McAfee WGCS profits from its native integration with McAfee Cloud Threat Detection technology which provides advanced threat analysis that attempts to bypass its security.

This is relevant when dealing with high encrypted traffic, such as traffic related to social media and cloud apps. For safety, the McAfee Web Gateway Cloud service will decrypt and analyze the traffic and supports full visibility of cloud apps, and promotes prevention against malware.

This system doesn’t completely diminish the URL filtering, instead delivers a new shine and is equipped with whitelists, blocklists, and classifications whose management is based upon the risk appraisal system.

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence will face the consequence of the job here, investigating through unlimited websites and analyzing their behavior in terms of their potential to discard the malicious content.

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service Usability

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service aims to empower its users to take on global cyber security challenges with the bonus of enjoying cloud-based installation.

While running a highly fragmented mobile or remote workforce, this cloud service will help you keep their access to corporate resources secure due to the continuous detection of all the activities under the cloud-based security engine.

You can make your work team more productive even while working remotely by installing URL filtering to block access to questionable content. If you want to save some money, running a cloud-native architecture of this format is beneficial compared to the traditional backhauling approaches and VNPs.

These alternatives will also suffer from poor performance compared to McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service. At last, all your maintenance issues will diminish into the cloud regardless of whatever IT resources you keep.

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service Management features

As the McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service is a cloud-native system, it can escape from the traps of the hardware-system systems and the one that relies on the geographical distribution of its virtual moats and fortifications. Instead, McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service will support the access of its distinct security architecture designed as the Unified Management for the Cloud and Web Control Access.

It shields all cloud services that could be checked, managed, and insulated against threats through a single cloud-based interface. Also, if your users are found outside your network, the cloud-based delivery of the security features can be managed from anywhere or from any device.

Everything may seem quite simple and easy, but you will have to face a bit of difficulty learning while moving to this interface. Because of the plentiful number of options and the cloud-based working of its operations may seem complex and overwhelming to the newcomers.

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service Pricing 

This section emphasizes the vital information you need to know to access McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service. In other words, you need to connect with McAfee Web Gateway Cloud service personnel and present your case to give a cost estimate. The bonus point is that a free trial is available, which adds a plus point in getting information on security-focused products like this one.


McAfee is a cybersecurity expert which has been through numerous storms. If viewed to validate its reputation, McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service is a perfect and reliable entry into the category of currently available cloud-native security solutions. McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service goes slightly above and beyond the call of duty with its flexible and cost-effective deployment options. But its security component is considered a standard today. Hence, considering the alternatives, that will be a good option for many.


How does McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service work?

It is a cloud-native service and works to protect your organization that may arise when users access the web. In simple words, the service filters the web traffic between users and the cloud. It also blocks the dubious content, which violates the policy you configure.

What is McAfee Cloud Proxy?

McAfee Cloud Proxy redirects the traffic to the McAfee Gateway Cloud Service when users are inside or outside the network.

How do I get rid of McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service?

To get rid of McAfee Web Gateway cloud service, follow these steps.

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Double click either on programs and features or Add/Remove programs.
  • Select McAfee WebAdvisor or McAfee SiteAdvisor from the program list.
  • Now, click uninstall/change or remove.

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