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There are various types of security antivirus present on the internet and also in the market. McAfee Safe Family is the best antivirus tool that helps you protect your children from digital threats. This security antivirus provides many things such as geofencing, time management, offers web filtering, and app blocking tools for an unlimited number of iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

However, McAfee Safe Family does not support Macs, can be removed without a password on Windows and iOS, and has performance issues in our testing. If you are also worried about your kid’s safety online, then a reputed parental control security antivirus software comes into your mind. This antivirus software gives a lot of offers to its users. It performs various types of basic controls such as tracking social media activities and website blocking and has an effective and efficient time management system.

3 Features of McAfee Safe Family

1.   Notification and Reporting

If you’re using the McAfee Safe Family antivirus to protect your kids from threats, then this is the best software that gives you maximum satisfaction. This antivirus allows you to stay notified and aware of your kid’s activities. Whenever your child engages in a restricted online activity, it gives you an alert notification. All you need to do is just give permission to your location to retrieve all the information and enable notifications on your app.

2.   Using Filters

Given below are some examples of how this security antivirus software works, blocks and filters your child’s internet usage.

●     Social networking

One of the biggest concerns for guardians is their children’s activities on social media pages. Having this antivirus software puts a filter on all social media pages that they use. You can get an alert immediately when your kid or child posts any unacceptable posts online on social media pages. This could mean posting violent content, profanity-related content and the likes on platforms like Facebook and some others.

●     Emails

You can get the option that you can use to block any other restrictive email accounts that you think have some violent content. Sometimes the kid or child tries to bypass this rule by using some other new email accounts. But if your kid or child wants to create a new email account, then the McAfee Safe Family app will block the creation of a new account as well as also block the one account that previously existed on the device.

3.   Blocking, Filtering, and Monitoring

You can block, filter, and monitor all activities of your kid or child’s presence on all devices. No matter whether they use a laptop or smartphone, you can be assured that anything going on with these devices is going to be reported to you. You have to thank McAfee Safe Family to provide such technology where you can keep your eyes on your child.

Set Up McAfee Safe Family in Windows

If you want to set up McAfee Safe Family on your windows device, then you have to follow all the steps mentioned below carefully:

  • Follow the link from your activation email / SMS to download the McAfee Safe Family App.
  • Press download Safe Family.
  • Press create an account and fill in all the details.
  • And then assign the device to you by pressing this is my device.
  • Go to the McAfee website and click to download the McAfee Safe Family App onto your kid’s computer system.
  • You have to sign in with that account that you create earlier.
  • Assign the system to your kid by pressing this is my kid’s device.
  • Press add a kid to add every kid that you have in your family. You can just have to do fill in the details about that kid.
  • And follow the same process if you want to add this on your all kid’s devices.
  • Now your profile is created in McAfee Safe Family. You can set Family rules. And keep eyes on your every kid.

PROS Of McAfee Safe Family

  • Strong time management and app blocking features
  • The reports given are detailed and are explained graphically
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Works on an unlimited number of devices
  • The notification system is fast and prompt

CONS Of McAfee Safe Family

  • Bad performance on Windows in systems devices while testing
  • No web interfaces
  • No type of uninstalling protection on Windows
  • It does not support Macs.
  • This antivirus software is not browser-independent. Its functionality changes from browser to browser.

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