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The thirst for the blue tick among musical artists is intense. Being verified on Spotify is what almost every musical artist hopes for. A verified Spotify profile indicates that the artist is popular and has good notability among people. Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services that people worldwide enjoy. It is not just for listeners but for musical artists also. If you are struggling to get verified on Spotify, you have finally come to the right place. We have shared the important tips that will help you get verified on Spotify in less than a week. In this article, we will also share some easy ways to claim the artist profile on Spotify. First, let’s get started and see how to get verified on Spotify in less than a week.

Keep in Mind Before You Get Verified on Spotify

You can’t create your own artist profile on Spotify and get verification by sending a request to the Spotify team. Music distribution companies that have their partnership with Spotify ask the Spotify team to create an artist profile for you. They also help you get verified on Spotify. If you are with a good music distributor, it is easy for you to get verified on Spotify. Let’s get started and learn how to get verified on Spotify in less than a week.

Easy Ways to Get Verified on Spotify

If you are an artist and wish to get the blue tick next to your Spotify name, you can follow the steps below and quickly get verified on Spotify. We have mentioned the easy ways below. Read now.

Choose a Right Music Distributor

Starting your music career in haste can have a lot of disadvantages that will affect your whole music career, so decide wisely. Choose the right music distributor who will deliver your music to many major platforms, including Spotify. When your music is distributed to Spotify, the Spotify team will create an artist profile for you. Some digital distributors help artists get verified upon the launch of the first song. If you are looking for a free digital distribution service provider, you can go to ONErpm, RouteNote, Magroove, etc. They will help you get verified on Spotify as you distribute your first single through them. RouteNote is the best digital distributor that helps an artist get verified on Spotify quickly as you distribute your first music via RouteNote. ONErpm is also a great music distributor with many music stores on its list. Their distribution service is free. You can get verified on Spotify quickly by distributing your music through ONErpm.

What to Do When You Get Verified on Spotify?

When a company has distributed your music, wait for it to appear on Spotify. You can search for the same music by typing either the artist’s name in the search bar or the track title in the search bar. You will now see your verified profile on Spotify. That is the simplest way to get verified on Spotify, as digital distribution companies have good contact with the Spotify team, so they help you easily get verified on Spotify. Once you get verified on Spotify, you need to claim your artist profile.

Claim Artist Profile

Once you see you’re verified on Spotify, the next thing you need to do is claim the artist profile. Claiming the artist profile on Spotify is quite easy. You can search for “Spotify for Artists” in Google’s search bar and go to the official website or download the “Spotify for Artists” app on your smartphone. Fill in the required details such as your email address and other information to prove that you are the right one to claim the artist profile. Within 6-7 days, you will receive an email that you have successfully claimed your Spotify artist profile.

The Benefits of Claiming Spotify Artist Profile

Once you’ve claimed your artist profile on Spotify, you can customize it in the desired way. You can change the profile that represents you and make any photo of your Spotify profile picture. Moreover, you can add the biography in the Bio section to let people know about you and your musical journey. You can add your social media site links to your Spotify profile. Once verified, you can avail yourself of these benefits.


It is quite easy to get verified on Spotify once you distribute music through one of these music distributors. We have mentioned the ways to get verified on Spotify and claim the artist profile. We hope you find the article good!

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