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Today, we’ll show you the best android TV devices in 2022. Keep reading to know which Android TV is best for you. The simplest way to have an Android TV on virtually some devices is with a set-top box. However, there are many types of TVs available on the market, but there is a small collection of TVs that arrive with Android TV built-in. There are many types of advantages to having the best Android TV. This type of TV comes with Chromecasts, which is good for starters.

Additionally, if you are getting an Android TV, that gives you a feature where you can only use one remote instead of two. Regrettably, the list of Android TV manufacturers is very narrow. There are many producers in the market who provide the best android TV, such as Philips, Sony, Hisense, and Sharp, with some smaller competitors here and there. We have listed below the best android TV that is available for you; take a look and know the detailed information about these TVs.

1. Sony A9G (Best Android TV)

If you are looking for the best android TV, then Sony A9G is perfect for you. This is Sony’s newest OLED offering, and it comes into the market with a ton of features. The picture print is amazing, and the OLED display driver you the perfect blacks and the maximum possible contrast ratio for having this best android TV. It comes with decent TV speakers, a slim design, and enough HDMI ports for anything you need. There is some issue related to this TV that is color calibration, but this issue is easily solved if you have a little patience.


  • Smooth and clean UI
  • eARC support
  • Amazing picture quality for 4K, 1080p, HDR, and SDR content
  • Functional and well-built remote control


  • Possibility of permanent burn-in with static content
  • Brightness is limited in white scenes

2. Hisense H8G

This is also the best android TV. The Hisense H8G is a very impressive decent TV because of its price tag. It comes in a market with a full array of local dimmings, such as the much more costly Sony X950H, and can give comparable contrast and black levels. The peak brightness, colors, picture quality, and lower resolution upscaling are all impressive at this price range. Some of the users of this android TV give to complain about uniformity, but you don’t have any problem unless you really look for it. All four HDMI ports are available in HDMI 2.0. Regretfully, there is eARC or HDMI 2.1 support, but not a lot of TVs give this feature at this price; that’s why this is also in the category of best android TV.


  • Amazing SDR peak brightness
  • Display deep black
  • Incredibly low input lag


  • Limiting HDR experience
  • Less viewing angles

3. Sony X950H (Best Android TV)

We’re back with the Sony TV again for our mid-range price option. It is also the best android TV that people may easily buy from the market. This TV is an LED TV with full-array local dimming. It has a bundle of lights all over the TV that light up independently. The full array lighting of this TV gives LED TVs more extensive blacks than most edge-lit TVs. This is the best android TV, but it is still much more costly but also provides excellent features. It comes with amazing brightness for HDR content, an above-average contrast ratio, and a wide color gamut, and also it updates its content very well.


  • It gets very bright to combat the glare
  • Amazing contrast ratio results in deep black
  • Wonderful reflection handling
  • Upgrade the lower resolution content well


  • No variable refresh rate
  • Picture degrades at an angle
  • Unstable tabletop stand

4. Phillips 804 OLED

It’s very disappointing that Phillips doesn’t provide its 804 OLED TV for sale in the United States. This Phillips TV is also the best android TV that you have to buy at this time. It comes with decent upscaling, amazing picture quality, a functionally perfect contrast ratio, and as with all OLEDs. The specification it has to provide you is that it includes four HDMI-out ports, a remote with voice-active controls, and a Chromecast built-in. That’s why this is the best android TV. This TV is available for those in Europe, and countries outside of the US have to be considered.


  • Motion handling is exemplary.
  • OLED gives vibrant colors, perfect blacks, and wide viewing angles.
  • Ambilight


  • Input lag more than rivals
  • No Dolby vision
  • Clipping of bright detail in 4000-nit HDR movies

5. Skyworth Q20300

This TV is available in the market at the very cheapest cost and also this is the best android TV. The Skyworth Q20300 has a 55-inch of display which is great for the users to see good quality pictures or videos. This TV comes with amazing sound, color, contrast, and brightness. Any Android TV portion works pretty nicely but will lag from time to time. Some people give responses that the WiFi drops, and we also did experience those as well, although infrequently. If you really need a cheaper, smaller TV, we’d actually suggest discovering something else or going for a Chromecast. But it is also the best android TV that you get good quality pictures and many more things.


  • Google voice assist feature
  • Fast A53 quad-core processor
  • Nice picture quality


  • Bad upscaling capabilities
  • Low refresh rate

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