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In just a few years, big Android phones have gone from an outlier to the norm in the smartphone industry. These days almost every major device releases a large size, and while it’s great for watching movies and playing games, it can be difficult for those who prefer an Android phone to be small and compact. Thankfully, many options, including the Google Pixel 6, are the best overall pick. If you are looking forward to the iPhone SE for 2022 but don’t want to switch to iOS, here are the best small Android phones you can buy in 2022.

1.  Google Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 6 is one of the best small Android phones, despite the size. Admittedly, it might not have the brightest display ahead of the Galaxy S22, but it’s still worth it. As expected from any Google Pixel, the Pixel 6 takes incredible photos, taking Google Tensor’s computational photography into its display.

Whether shooting in daylight or at night, the Google Pixel 6 provides the stuff. Overall, the pictures are crisp, full of color, and look great relative to how cheap it is. You will get these amazing results every time you click the shutter button, and reliability isn’t always found on more expensive devices.

The Pixel 6 doesn’t skimp on anything else outside of its camera. The 6.4-inch display bends the rule about a “small Android phone,” but it’s enough for you to pull it off. It’s big enough for entertaining content consumption while still being manageable on the one hand. Thanks to a 90Hz OLED panel with Full HD+ resolution. You get fast performance from custom silicon, all-day battery life, and ample storage of 128GB and 256GB.

Unfortunately, it lacks extensible storage and a headphone jack. It’s not the smallest phone on this list. But the overall package is great, and the price-performance-spec ratio marks all the right boxes.

2.  Samsung Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S22 is the perfect small Android phone in size, featuring an adorable 6.1-inch Dynamics AMOLED 2X display. Aside from the small dimensions, it’s also a great package that you won’t want to overlook.

The Galaxy S22’s small Android phone screen is slim, making it highly comfortable. With a tight bezel, flat display, and lightweight design to a matte glass back, the Galaxy S22 is one of the most customer-friendly flagships in 2022. The display is top-notch, with a fluid 120Hz refresh rate for smooth animations and impressive brightness under the sun.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset is at the heart of the S22, allowing for the best performance in a small Android phone. The triple-camera system is reliable and versatile. The main downside of the S22 is battery life. If you’re rocking a 120Hz refresh rate and an active 5G connection, don’t expect it to last a full day of use.

3.  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Galaxy Z Flip 5G was Samsung’s 1st attempt, Motorola’s comeback. Due to folding only in half, the device is small and compact. Samsung has also figured out how to put a usable display outside the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

The 1.9-inch AMOLED cover display makes it easy to use the rear camera for taking selfies, among other things. While this makes some features easy to access, such as selfies, notifications, and audio recording, it’s not enough to handle more complex tasks.

Once you open the small Android phone, you look at a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen (2640×1080) with a tall 21.9:9 aspect ratio, making it narrower and ergonomically friendly. But it also stands out due to the material used to make it. Samsung used better glass this time around, which doesn’t feel as plastic as the previous Z Flip.

The small Android phone combines a Snapdragon 888 processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB or 256GB internal storage. Android with Samsung’s One UI works nicely. Some apps take advantage of the Flip’s ability to last halfway, though you can use it with the camera app for selfies and video calls. YouTube works well, but the pickings remain slim. Also, Galaxy Z Flip is unique and the best small Android phone in that it uses 2 batteries that form a 3,300mAh capacity. This doesn’t make it the most efficient battery, but it should hold up well in most situations. You can also charge it wirelessly so that your compact size comes with extra perks.

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