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These days you can buy many best Android smartphones at a modest price, and to prove it, we have a list of the best Android smartphones under $300 for your consideration. Overall, the best Android smartphones mostly come with network compatibility and confidence that your software won’t be outdated when you activate it. The Samsung Galaxy A32 is the best Android smartphone you can buy for under $300, comes with 5G connectivity, a 90 Hz screen, and a massive battery. And it still has plenty of life, with updates promised by 2024.

1.  Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

With your Galaxy A32 5G, Samsung brings 5G and 90Hz refresh rate to a low price, real differentiators in the sub-$300 market. And while the A32’s performance is not as flawless as that of Samsung’s higher-end best Android smartphones, it has many value-added features, such as an impressive 64-megapixel rear camera and a support lifespan comparable to that of most other cheap and the best Android smartphones.

The Galaxy A32 has a minimalist design that takes inspiration from the top-tier Galaxy S models, albeit with a polycarbonate construction instead of the more premium material. And on the inside, it is powered by MediaTek’s Density 720 5G processor, which means you have decent power at your disposal for daily tasks and even light gaming. And if you’re pushing this best Android smartphone further, the internal 5,000mAh battery can easily keep this smartphone running for more than a day.

Unfortunately, you’ll be waiting a while to recharge, though, as the smartphone’s quick charging capability is limited to a fairly slow 15W. It is behind the curve even among the cheapest Android handsets.

2.  TCL 20S Unlocked Android Smartphone

The TCL 20S Android smartphone is one of the best devices in this price range. It has a 6.67-inch LCD panel with Full HD+ resolution, and thanks to TCL’s NXTVISION technology, you’re treated to increased sharpness, enhanced images, and true-to-life colors. We like the thin bezels and hole-punch cutout for the front selfie camera.

The TCL 20S is the best Android smartphone and has a Snapdragon 665 processor and 6GB of RAM storage, making it one of the most attractive setups on this list. The 5,000mAh battery allows for excellent stamina, you will get an NFC chip for Google Pay support, and TCL’s software is clean and fun. There are also 4 cameras on the backside to play with it. The most notable discounts on the 20S are the lack of 5G support and any official IP rating for water or dust protection. Of course, there are tradeoffs with any best Android smartphone at this price point.

3.  OnePlus Nord N200 5G

You wouldn’t expect to find a OnePlus device in the sub-$300 category these days. Thankfully, the uber-affordable Nord lineup has made its way into the eager hands of North Americans. The OnePlus Nord N200 brings 5G connectivity to the masses, making it accessible. It may not sound very impressive, but under that plastic hood is the right stuff.

Nord N200 5G has a 6.49-inch Full HD + LCD. It has thin bezels, and the screen’s 90Hz refresh rate makes everything look better. Demure Design has an air of grace. It may be cheap, but it doesn’t feel like it.

Powering this handset is the Snapdragon 480 5G with 4GB RAM. There is 64GB of onboard storage, but you can expand that through microSD. The 3.5mm jack is two things you no longer see in the best Android smartphones. The triple camera setup is fine, with a 13MP main camera at the back. The great battery life offered by the 5,000mAh battery with 18W fast charging support impresses. There’s so much to love here for so little money.


Many best Android smartphones are available at low prices, but they are bound to be compromised when you want to save money. Many cheap and best Android smartphones will reduce display size, resolution, and bonuses like extra cameras or stereo speakers. But, when you shop, you will be able to get a great smartphone for a few hundred bucks. When shopping for these best Android smartphones, look at the specifications to ensure you’re not missing out on features.

Buying a new best Android smartphone can be a daunting task, especially when there are low prices. You want to buy something that can do everything with a quality handset without breaking the bank. The Galaxy A32 has most things right, with a fairly large display, a massive 5,000mAh battery, and 5G connectivity. Samsung has a solid record of giving security updates and even Android version updates for its cheap devices. Samsung has already committed to generations of Android platform updates for smartphones, so you can be sure that your best Android smartphone will be compatible with all apps and include the latest security features.

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