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Music distribution is a process of distributing music to all digital music stores such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and several other stores. Moreover, your music is nowadays added to the Facebook and Instagram audio library so that the users of these platforms can add your music to their videos directly from the audio library. If you are an emerging musician, you need to learn how to distribute music digitally. We have mentioned some great digital distribution platforms and the ways to distribute music digitally. Read the full article and understand how to distribute your music as an independent artist.

Which Platform is Right for Digital Distribution?

The life of an emerging artist in the music industry is quite struggling. The big reason is that they don’t earn enough. An emerging artist may find it difficult to invest their money in distributing music, as they have to invest a lot in recording equipment and maintenance. To make it easy to find the right digital distribution platform, we have prepared a list of some of the best digital distribution companies that you will find best.


RouteNote is an excellent digital distribution platform that lets independent artists upload their music to music stores for free. The company is dedicated to delivering independent artists’ music to all prominent music stores. It offers both free and paid pricing plans. If you are an emerging artist, you can choose to remain with the company for free just by paying 15% of what your music earns.


Magroove is a brilliant platform for independent artists and musicians who want to take their music to major music stores. The digital distribution company creates websites for artists so that they can easily reach more and more fans. The company takes care of the artists’ royalties and pays the right value for your talent. The company takes about 5% of what your song earns.

Note: If you are searching for the best digital distribution platform, you can choose one of these platforms. Make sure you read their terms and conditions carefully to know whether they suit your requirements or not. Several paid companies may charge several bucks for distributing your music to music stores.

Steps to Digitally Distribute Music on Digital Distribution Platforms

We have shared the step-by-step procedure to distribute music on digital distribution platforms. The process of filling in the form and others details is the same, but some features on sites may differ. We have explained everything all in all. Let’s get started and learn the steps to distribute music digitally.

Album/ Single Details

The first thing you need to do is fill in the correct album/ single details. The album details include the track title and the primary artists, composer, director, or producer. Moreover, you need to name the genre your music relates to. Mention the record label your music belongs to. Also, mention whether your song is explicit or not. When you have entered all these details, the next thing you need to do is add the artwork.

Add the Artwork

Now is the time to learn how to add artwork. Artwork is usually a song poster that appears on music stores when your song appears on all the music stores. Make sure the artwork is 3000 x 3000 in terms of size. If the artwork seems to be not of accurate size, you can resize the artwork. The artwork must be in jpg format. Add the artwork and save it. Ensure that the artwork does not include a copyrighted image or details such as contact numbers, email id, or other information.

Add Audio File

When you have added the relevant album details and the artwork, the next thing you have to do is upload the audio file. The audio file’s quality and format should be the same way your digital distribution company requires. Make sure that the audio file is correctly mixed and mastered. iTunes takes the audio quality seriously and rejects the audio files that sound muffled or noisy. When you have uploaded the audio track, you should next choose the music stores where you want to get your music played.

Choose the Right Music Stores

After filling in all the details, adding artwork, and uploading your audio file, you should now choose the music stores available on the list of your digital distributor’s website. You can select the preferred music stores according to your choice. When you have chosen the stores, click the Save or OK button. Your music has now reached the moderation team. They will deliver it to music stores if they find it eligible. Make sure your music is your composition and does not contain any copyrighted loops and samples. If your music includes copyrighted samples or loops, the moderation team will reject it. Make sure to send your own original content so that it easily gets passed.


We have explained the entire process of distributing music to music stores and mentioned the best free music distribution platforms above. We hope this article is of great help to you!

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