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Are You Trying to Find a Therapist Online? Here's what you should ask.

Finding a therapist online who appears to be a good fit can be a daunting task. And there is nothing more frustrating — for both you and the therapist — than concluding an otherwise promising consultation call only to discover that one of the issues listed below makes working together difficult or impossible.

If you find a therapist via a listing site, be certain to click on the link to the therapist's web page, if one is available. While the website may provide you with much of the information below, it's a good idea to verify it with the therapist during your session. Additionally, the website may include the therapist's contact information, credentials, therapeutic approach, services provided, education, and experience, all of which may prompt thoughtful questions from you during your consultation with the therapist.



As a therapist providers, We've learned the hard way that availability should be discussed at the beginning of a consultation call. If we only have Monday mornings available, and that's when you're leading a weekly team meeting or wrangling 5-year-olds in a kindergarten class (or whatever else may interfere), it makes little sense to spend excessive time talking. If you, as a client, lack scheduling flexibility and the therapist does not inquire, take the initiative. If scheduling conflicts are an issue, the therapist on the phone may be the best source of referrals. If you call and we are unable to see you, We will always offer to assist you in finding someone else.



Never terminate a phone call with a therapist without first ascertaining the fee for a session. If their fee is prohibitively high for you, inquire whether they offer a sliding scale. (Be aware that many therapists who offer a sliding scale only have a limited number of sliding scale slots per week, and thus may not have any sliding scale slots available when you call.)



If you're new to the therapist search, you'll quickly discover that many therapists do not accept insurance (the reasons for this will be discussed in a future article), and those who do are frequently booked to capacity. If you are able to pay a portion of the fee, contact your insurance provider to determine the percentage of the fee that they will reimburse for out-of-network providers. Then, during your consultation call, confirm with the therapist that they can provide you with the necessary documentation to receive reimbursement.



For many, location has become less of an issue as the pandemic has forced everyone into teletherapy. If you or your potential therapist wish to meet in person and are able to do so, be sure to factor travel and/or parking costs into the total amount of time you set aside for this endeavor.



Similarly, inquire about the frequency with which your prospective therapist typically sees clients. We ask new clients to commit to therapy online at least once a week, and we will explain why. We understand that some clients prefer to begin with less frequent visits; every other week is a fairly common request. That is acceptable, and there are numerous therapists who will do so. Therefore, ensure that both of you are on the same page regarding that expectation.

Naturally, you'll have additional questions before book a therapist online, but getting these fundamental questions answered first can help you narrow down your search for the right therapist for you.

At Takeaseat, we help you find a therapist who believes in the power of the body, mind, and spirit connection. Their job was to help people become more aware of themselves and their true power through body exploration.

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