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Latest Pakistani Dresses Sale collection 2021

Khaadi Unstitched Winter Collection 2021

Khaadi winter unstitched collections with contemporary patterns, pop of colours and fullfill your dreams with the newest fashion and new styles. The unstitched Winter Collection features traditional and floral designs. Khaddar and Linen fabrics are used to create embroidered and printed suits. This collection of bold colors and blue shades will give you an outstanding look even in the winter. Many customers prefer tailor-made outfits.

This winter collection can be customized to your liking. Khaadi X ESRA, a winter unstitched line, is a new collection that's perfect for outdoor events and winter functions. Khaadi's unstitched winter collection includes unstitched 2 and 3 pieces. Two-piece Printed Kameez Dupattas or Embroidered Kameez Pants can be purchased in-stores or online. In three pieces, the winter collection includes printed and embroidered suits. All unstitched winter ensembles are listed below with their prices.

These winter unstitched dresses can be worn casually by housewives and can be embellished with new fashion. The Khaadi winter unstitched dress is a great choice to bring your family into the world vibrant colors and new fashion. These are all the embroidered and printed winter dress designs that Pakistani dress designers have created for you. All winter dresses are available in-store or online at very affordable prices. The following lists all winter unstitched combination with fabrics and designs. Prices are provided.

Khaadi Winter Shawls Collection 2021

Khaadi's winter unstitched Khaadi shawls dresses look very appealing and feature bold prints and intricate embroidery. You will find attractive winter colors shawls included in shawl dresses. These shawls will keep you fashionable and on trend. These winters' shawl collections combine fashion and protection. These 2.5-meter shawls feature the latest colors and contrasts.

Winter unstitched winter dresses are made of Khaddar fabric. These shirts are decorated with inspiration and heritage dark colors. The sleeves and neckline are embroidered with inspiration-color prints. This creates a rich look. These are the most recent winter shawls for the 2021 winter season, in the unstitched Khaadi Winter Collection 2021. Prices are listed. The prices are very reasonable and accessible for everyone.

Khaadi winter sale unstitched shawls are extremely attractive. They feature elegant designs, bold prints, and unique embroidery. Shawls in attractive winter colors are available that will keep you current. These winters shawl collections are all about fashion and protection. This collection features 2.5-meter shawls in the most recent colors and contrasts.

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