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The article presents unordinary ways of thinking and new ideas which are significant in aiding in the marketing of products in the 21st century. This is where marketing research is consumer-centered. Most companies in the past concentrated on their unique methods of producing goods and services without necessarily considering the fact that consumers input is a necessary component in production and marketing of their produce. With this kind of a unique philosophy, research firms such as Red Associates; have been able to assist companies such as Adidas in making the best fortunes out of the sales of their products through conducting a social science-based research. Most of the limitations people experience such as very low sales of goods in companies emanate from the way they perceive and make sense of the environment they live in.

Red Associates have been able to prove to other famous companies that their task can help improve the marketing of these companies’ products if they get information from their clients. Subjectivity in marketing had already limited many companies. Companies felt that asking for information from the customers would limit the level of confidence they would have in their products, which Red Associates proved wrong. Instead, it has turned out that integrating consumers in marketing research increases the sales.

The article appraises the contribution social science disciplines make in the field of marketing. Gadamer’s idea of hermeneutics has been the basis upon which researchers use not only in understanding existence, but also in the commercial world. They can be used to solve business-related challenges. Madsbjerg and Rasmussen were able to form the firm, Red Associates, which has really helped in solving puzzles regarding marketing in several companies. For example, they have been able to assist Samsung in designing one of the best selling televisions in the world.

With the awareness of the importance of social scientists study skills, companies such as Intel and Microsoft have a section for anthropologists and sociologists for carrying out their market research. Gathering of information from people even if they have biases or individual perceptions about products or services might help companies in their sales strategy. With the capability to collect existing market data and analyze it into a more usable form for companies, social research becomes a major component in marketing. Briefly, there is the possibility that marketing of products in organizations can be done in a very unique way so as to help them in realizing their objectives. The work makes one understand that application of social science research has been pivotal and can be used to aid marketing in organizations.

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