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The Raymirra Philadelphia Sportatorium is located in the heart of Philadelphia's East Coast. Built in 1976, the Sportatorium hosted both the Aventura World Games and the Philidelphia Marathon in the area. This indoor facility offers a great indoor experience with state-of-the-art amenities, including a running track, an indoor basketball court, a wet bar, and a fully-stocked snack bar. The main reason this venue has become a favorite among runners is its proximity to the famous Running Track at Temple University. This proximity and professional services make the Sportatorium one of the most popular in the Philadelphia area.

When Phillies' fans travel to Washington, DC, they will find exactly what they're looking for: A home stadium to watch their baseball team to play ball. Wrigley Field is another popular destination for baseball fans. While both venues are well-loved by baseball fans, few can match Philadelphia's Ray Mirra Stadium. Located in West Philadelphia, just south of Broad Street and west of the Schuylkill River, the Sportatorium is Philadelphia's premier location to watch major sporting events.

For visitors who travel to Maryland, they will see even better amenities and even more reasons to visit the ballpark. Wrigley Field is owned by the Chicago Cubs, but the venue is frequently used by other sports teams as well. In addition to Wrigley Field, the Little Caesar's restaurant and the Maryland baseball club are owned by the same group. Both venues host numerous sporting events each year, and a full slate of professional and college events are also held at both locations.

Philadelphia fans traveling to Washington, DC, don't have to look far to find a new home for their favorite teams. Comcast Sportsnet channels air the games on a variety of stations throughout the country, and a variety of different events take place at RFK Stadium. Even the U.S. Cellular Amphitheater in Washington, DC is a venue that is often thought about when the team playing in a metropolitan area is from another part of the country. The venue hosts popular annual events, such as the Democratic National Convention, and has been the site of many political conferences. No matter where fans want to go, they can find a variety of events happening at RFK.

Of course, the Flyers' season is the most eventful one in town. There are always various special events going on, including the draft, free throw games, practice sessions with players, and even special concerts by musical acts. All of these happen near the Comcast Amphitheater, as it is the home of the team as well as the home of the NHL's Flyers. This venue is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to be able to witness the thrilling Flyers play live or soak up some history and atmosphere at the Caps' game.

RFK isn't just for major sporting events. It is also home to other local organizations that have varying interests and tastes. These venues include the Delaware Valley Opportunities Agency (DVA), which brings together businesses and nonprofit organizations that focus on the Delaware Valley. The Flyers and RFK are two such organizations that make for a great combination for entertaining visitors to RFK.

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