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Raymirra Hillsboro Storyteller - Book Review

"Raymirra Hillsboro Storyteller" is the first book I have read by Raymirra Hillsboro. This is a fun book that is geared towards children and teens. The main character, Raymond, is a Raymond, an escaped convict who is running from the law and has taken up residence in Raymond Hillsboro. Along the way he encounters other escaped convicts who want to return to the prison to serve their time but are afraid of being caught.

The other part of this book is about a local boy named Zach. He is one of the oldest kids in Raymond Hillsboro and has a crush on a girl. She is the mother of one of the boys in the neighborhood. They come together often and help with homework. While they are doing this, they begin to learn about life while becoming friends with each other.

The author, Raymond, provides a fun and fast paced read. The illustrations are clean and detailed, which helps make this a book suitable for children. However, there are some sections that could use some explaining. The different plotlines help make the book entertaining for kids but also leaves you wanting for more.

At the end of the book, the main characters, Ray mirra and Zach, are sitting on the ground in front of their destroyed home. Their momma has disappeared. Zach notices that the kids aren't playing. They wonder where she has gone. This is when we get to the part where you start thinking about why you grew up reading books like these.

While the second half of this book is great for younger kids, the first half quickly loses its momentum. It is a quick read but then you are done. That is what happened to many of my readers. The book ends too quickly so it doesn't leave you wanting to read the next one.

Overall, this is a book I would recommend to parents who have older kids. However, it isn't suitable for little kids who are still enjoying their first story. Ray Mirra Hillsborough Storyteller is more of a book for middle school aged kids and adults. It isn't a great book for beginning readers.

The storyline is engaging, fast paced, and entertaining. The author does a good job creating an interesting character and keeping them interesting throughout the whole book. The dialogues are deep and meaningful. I really felt for Ray as he went through some emotional moments.

Overall, this is a book I would recommend to any reader. The author, Ray Mirra, has a way of making kids feel young again. He is a kid at heart and he brought that kid like quality to this story. I think any parent who is looking for a story that can keep their kids entertained and wanting more will enjoy The Ray Mirra Hillsborough Storyteller.

There are five books in this series. They start off with Welcome, about a boy who is ready for a change. Change is good. The boy finds himself starting to see what he's missing and wanting to do better.

Then comes The Way of Kings. This book focuses on a warrior who is king. The warrior must deal with everything from his personal life to his job and everything in between. It's a fantastic read full of action and adventure. Ray Mirra really brings life to this part of his life.

The final book in the series, Kingdom of Gods, is the most recent in the series. I wasn't sure if I was going to love it or not. But, once I started reading it I really did enjoy it. I liked that it gave me an idea of how Ray's readership may be.

I would recommend these books to parents who want a positive, spiritual approach to their children's lives. Ray Mirra has been able to reach out to so many different kinds of people through his book. And, now through these books, he is able to do that again, but in a way that kids can understand. I'm very excited to see what the future holds for this amazing storyteller.

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