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Heat and sport: 10 rules to avoid risks

Dehydration, exhaustion, and heat stroke are just some of the problems that can come from exercising in the summer. These are the things you have to know to avoid taking any risks.

So many months ?? sweating ?? doing sports to get in shape and get to the bikini surgery on time, and now? You must not  exercising in the heat stop training with the excuse of heat, because to get a body 10 you need a lot of dedication and perseverance. But what should not be forgotten is that with heat you must be careful about certain risks. Ten rules so that those risks do not come true.

1.- Be careful with hydration. Playing sports in the heat increases sweating copiously and with it the risk of dehydration. Always have water within easy reach and drink frequently in small sips.

2.- Be careful to prevent sunstroke. Exposure to the sun while doing physical activities can bring fever, nausea, palpitations, and fainting . In order not to risk setbacks, it is better to avoid midday hours to play sports and cover your head with a cap.

3.- Neutralizes voltage drops. After exercising, the body struggles to rid itself of heat, which can cause blood pressure drops. If this happens to you, sit down quickly and drink some water.

4.- Protect yourself from sunburn. In any activity that takes place outdoors, always use sun protection. Protection must be high, level 50.

5.- Dodge the blows of ?? cold. Yes, the sudden cold can also be a problem. Some gyms set the air conditioning to an excessively low temperature. Beware of drafts.

6.- You must promote perspiration. There are clothes, even sports clothes, that do not allow the skin to breathe correctly and that only increases sweating. Always wear equipment that lets you breathe.

7.- Avoid muscle damage. Never stop warming up. We should not be lazy or think that the heat we feel frees us from heating. On the contrary, it is essential to always dedicate the first minutes to warm-up under the risk of injury.

8.- Eliminate cramps. With sweat, we eliminate many mineral salts, the lack of which can cause cramps. You can avoid the risk by using special supplements or eating foods rich in potassium such as bananas.

9. Protect yourself from heat shock. Cooling down immediately after sports with a cold shower or a swim in the pool is dangerous due to the risk of thermal shock. Better get in the shade first and rest a bit until the body cools down a bit.

10. Counteracts wear quickly. Practicing sport in the summer months means greater wear and tear, do not let a long time pass before eating something. Try to regain some energy by eating a bite after exercise.

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