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Top 5 Universities That are Hardest to Get Into

Students are always excited to enroll in universities abroad to pursue their major degrees. Especially if that is a reputed research paper topics  university, then it will enhance the quality of your CV and get you a great job.  It is really difficult to get into your desired colleges with the rising competition.
You have to maintain a particular score range to even sit for the entrance examinations.

  1. Stanford University – is the most demanding college to get into in the USA. Stanford University has an excellent reputation all around the globe and has produced over 30 billionaires, 17 astronauts, and many more famous personalities worldwide. The acceptance rate of the University reflection calculator is 4.8% out of the thousands of applications that come each year.
  2. Harvard University –this University has produced some outstanding graduates, eight US presidents, and many heads of state.  The admission rate is 5.4% which is a little more than Stanford University. Each year there are thousands of applications get submitted.
  3. Yale University –is one of the most popular universities globally and the dream college for hundreds of aspirants. The acceptance rate is 6% out of the thousands of new applications each year. Yale is a famous University name among students and one of the toughest ones to get into.
  4. London school of economics and political science –is one of the most challenging universities to get into in the UK. The London School of economics and political science word counter has produced some authoritarian leaders and several state heads. As a result, there is high competition among students to get into this University. The acceptance rate is 8.9% out of all the applications submitted every year.
  5. King’s College London –is one of the most challenging universities to get into, with an acceptance rate of 13%. The university was established in 1829 by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington. The university has produced many famous personalities worldwide.

If you want to get into any of the mentioned Universities, then start working hard from now on. Do My University Paper and Keep striving; one day, you'll find your name in the selection list.

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