Purdue-Ireland relationship fosters research and study abroad opportunities in pharmaceutical manufacturing

A recent Purdue Today article, accessible here, highlights the synergy between Purdue's prominent expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing research and education and Ireland's strong pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. The two entities are continually enhancing their collaborative research efforts and expanding study abroad opportunities.

The article details the American Irish Medical Summit held in Dublin this August, which was attended by Purdue University representatives. Hosted by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, AIMS serves as a consortium of academic, government, and industry leaders dedicated to advancing health technologies, fostering research and academic partnerships, and developing leadership within the workforce.

Purdue's close partnership with NIBRT is already well-established. In June, Elizabeth Topp, professor in the Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy and the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, was named the inaugural director of the William D. and Sherry L. Young Advanced Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals Institute. Her prior position was Chief Science Officer at NIBRT. Within Purdue's enduring collaboration with NIBRT, Topp will continue to maintain a dual research appointment with the institute.

In March 2024, Jennifer Gray and Alina Alexeenko will lead the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Study Abroad program to Ireland. The curriculum will feature a day of training at NIBRT, coupled with visits to multiple pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities across Ireland.



Alyssa Wilcox (second from left), Purdue senior vice president for partnerships; Dr. Jerome Adams, executive director of Purdue’s Health Equity Initiatives; and Eric Barker, the Jeannie and Jim Chaney Dean of Pharmacy, were part of a group that toured the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo courtesy of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)