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Can simulations open sockets with other simulations or with apps outside of the pharmahub ?

Can pharamhub simulations communicate with other pharmahub simulations or with outside applications via socket connections ?

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    Michael McLennan

    For security reasons, applications running within pharmaHUB are not allowed to connect out to other applications on the internet. This prevents malicious users, for example, from uploading botnet clients and distributing spam via the pharmaHUB infrastructure. Similarly, you can’t connect in to applications running on pharmaHUB from the outside world. Note however that an application within one pharmaHUB session can connect to other applications within the same session by opening a socket on “localhost”. You can test this within a workspace by running a server and using telnet or some other client to connect to that server on “localhost”.

    If you’re developing an application that needs data from the outside world, you can ask the pharmaHUB team to allow connections to a limited number (small handful) of sites for your application. Do this by posting a comment on the tool status page for your project.

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    jonee alexa

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